November 01, 2014

Issue III - November 2014

T H E   G O L D E N   A G E


N O V E M B E R   2 0 1 4

T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

  • Introduction: By Robbbert-jan Rozenkruis 
  • God Thoth: Healing in ancient times 
  • God Thoth: The use of ancient psychedelic herbs 
  • Ancient Healing benefits of Shilajit & Ashwagandha 
  • Dale Decker: The tree of then thousand images 
  • The prayer of fortuna the juggler 
  • The Dangers of sulphites in wine and food 
  • Connecting to Higher Light 
  • The Cosmic Light by Kevin 
  • Healing benefits of Shungite 
  • Dale Decker: A world within a world 
  • Toxic Stress Cycle & The practice of colon hydrotherapy in ancient times. 

I N T R O D U C T I O N 

B Y  R O B B E R T - J A N R O Z E N K R U I S

    Human beings do not belong to an Earth race. Their ancestors are the visitors that came to Earth at the end the golden era. Initially Earth was not created for low vibrational beings like humans. It was the home of the gods and their helpers and other high beings. These were the first inhabitants. All humans who exist on Earth right now are children of astral travellers who came to the planet and created civilisations. Humanity is not part of Earth's creation. There were not her children; they were simply her enemy. When you see people on Earth being brutally selfish and unkind do not be surprised. They came here to destroy the planet and her creation which they are not part of. They are also trapped here on a planet that does not connect to them and does not want to feed them with the mother's energy.

   There are many people who are focussing on their astral growth and they want to achieve enlightenment. There are also people who are very concerned about the preservation and improvement of their physical and bodily functions. If you are already awake and you are fighting illusion you are also fighting all artificialities that can develop blockages in your mind. You are fighting for purification and seeking the release of all harmful substances which are growing in your body. You cannot receive or transmit healing energy if you are fragmented and distorted. We were taught by the gods that healing cannot be truly successful when one passively receives the light but you should be active allowing the light to come through. Also healing should be understood as a personal achievement, being part of your purpose.

   The gods do not want you to live in dream state hoping that one day your consciousness will be raised and your problems will be solved. They want you to take action, to express your truth and purity in your very day life. To receive the light of the gods you have to open up yourself and follow their instructions. Action and a strong sense of purpose is what you need to grow. The gods are always with you and they are waiting for you response.

   Why can't people let go off eating unhealthy, processed and poisoned food. And why are most humans addicted to harmful substances like alcohol? Many of us struggle in your everyday life with this. We know it is very harmful for our bodies but still we hope that we can do this as long as possible without getting sick.

   You have been convinced that it is easier, more practical and requires less of your time to feed yourself with polluted, man-modified and lifeless food offered to you in a nice package. You have to wake up if you want to stay alive. You have to take responsibility of your own every day life if you want to be enlightened. If you are blocked, poisoned, confused, and fragmented because of your life style you can not achieve enlightenment. Illusion encourages you to deceive others be dishonest and bring destruction in order to get to the top, Nature and the cosmic laws will teach you a very different lesson: your body is a tool and the gods created on Earth numerous resources to help you maintain balance and harmonize your body with the rest of your existence.

   There are people from the west who are experimenting with psychedelic herbs and plants. It is possible that you will have unusual experiences with beings from other planes and perhaps receive some information or you may even have a horrific experience that can lead to imbalance. Westerners are very curious but they never have the time to understand that these plants grow in certain areas for a reason and people who live there are aware of their power and how to use them. A lot of westerners are addictive to those substances and they call it in developed countries "drugs".

   I realise that there is more behind this; addiction is related to consumerism. The same happens with sugar and nicotine. If people eat natural sweeteners they do not seem to be satisfied. They need to take more or they can't resist without for a very long time. Why cannot people just stop destroying themselves and the Earth? The gods teach that truth is the only way. How do you recognise truth and illusion in your everyday life if you are fragmented and brainwashed and live a distorted life? Human beings are in love with their disease and this the kind of being is the perfect pray; they get easily deceived and can buy anything for any price. If there were no artificial substances added to candy bars or soft drinks that make them addictive you would not eat them.

   For example drink a glass of wine without sulfite; it is not addictive and does not cause cancer. Sulfite is corrosive and harms the body; it is been used as gun powder. There is no need to use sulfite in wine; its only effect is to make you to drink loads and suppose this is a good enough reason for making profit. Besides non-organic wine is full of pesticides that will pollute your body even more. Why don't you try organic wine without sulfite.

   We are pleased to be able to offer you Shungite products that we are going to sell in our web-shop this month. Sent to us directly from Russia. Shungite is a rare, carbon-based, noncrystalline rock that comes from the Karelia area of Russia, in a village called Shun’ga, from where it got its name.

"Civilized life means an artificial life: Civilized people, living in a civilized manner and eating civilized foods, can not, in the very nature of things, have a truly healthy colon. Health & Sickness both have their roots in the Colon."

R O B B E R T - J A N R O Z E N K R U I S 

G O D  T H O T H

Healing in Ancient Times

   I was asked to give information about healing in ancient times. There are two ways to heal: with the healing and nurturing resources that can be found on Earth and with cosmic light. In the golden Era, Earth was a planet of healing and high nutrition and all beings were fed with the high living energy of Earth and the cosmic light which caused eternal life.

   There were many natural devices on Earth which were used to collect light and this was then shared to all creation. Earth enjoyed an abundance of cosmic light which helped her create new species and develop a great range of nutrients to support their well-being and growth. Her energies were also very powerful and beings could connect to them instantly and experience immediate results. There was no suffering because there was no disease. In the golden Era, beings were concerned only with growth and this could be achieved by connecting to high energies. In ancient times people were already lost and well-being was not anymore a common quality of humanity. They had already experienced fragmentation and the illusion brought to them negativity, pain and disease. What made a difference was their ability to connect to the Earth and being aware of her healing abilities and great range of nutrients which were still growing on the surface of the planet. People were aware of the healing properties of plants and their different uses. Priests combined herbal remedies with energy healing in their ceremonies. The sun, the life giver, was also used for healing as well as the energies of the moon.

   Many priests and mystery schools tried to connect to the Earth energies, the ones that are coming from the core of the planet. Ancient societies carried a higher light than present human civilizations because even though they were distorted, they maintained their connection to the Earth and the cosmic light and this was an everyday practise. Modern people see themselves as superior; I will say that they are experiencing the most complex and advanced system of illusion that controls every aspect of their lives. Their attachment to illusion is so strong and complete that they are unable to care about their basic needs instead they are happy to poison themselves every day. Awaken human beings should observe themselves and answer the following questions. Are you looking after your body and what does this mean to you? How many times do you have to inject poison to yourself by eating artificial substances? How often do you connect to the Earth energies and what does this mean to you?

   You cannot receive or transmit healing energy if you are fragmented and distorted. Earth’s power to produce living nutrients has been reduced from the time of the golden era but there is still a great range of plants, minerals and other healing nutrients that you can find on the planet. Now that you are aware of Earth’s healing properties I want you to ask yourselves is chemical healing and nutrition necessary to a living planet.

Done by communication between God Thoth, Barbara and Robbert-jan Rozenkruis. Saturday, 1 November 2014.

A healing ritual taking place in a reed hut. with the healing goddess's dog on the roof along with other deity symbols. The sick person is stretched out on a bed, two priests carry out the rite, and, on the right, a figure stands with raised arms, while the figure on the left holds weapons. Cylinder seal from Tel Halaf.

G O D  T H O T H

The Use of Ancient Psychedelic Herbs

   All planets are alive. Earth is a unique planet with a unique creation. Life can exist in different forms. Most planets have many resources eternally and they are different types of beings who exist there. Life is abundant in the universe and there are many lifeforms different to ones that exist on Earth and other times they are life forms with no physical existence and can not be detected by your five senses.

   Earth is able to create a great variety of plants, animals and other substances in order to nourish her creation. In ancient times, human beings were connected to nature and were aware of all the different plants and how they can be used for nourishment and healing. Earth has created plants and other substances to cure all imbalances and this is the true practice for well-being. People from many different parts of the world were aware that plants can be used to help them escape reality and connect them to beings from other planes. Local people knew how to use them and were aware of the outcome and how to avoid imbalances. Those plants were only to be taken by people who were trained and have a certain purpose such as a healer, a priest, oracle and so on. There were also ceremonies to prepare the users and enhance the effect. It is important to understand that the beings who use these plants have a special purpose and already have the opportunity to receive information from different realms, cure or pass information to others. This can not be achieved by all, only by those who have the tools and qualities to serve their communities. When these people connect to different realms this does not mean that they have high consciousness or they have achieved high growth.

   There are people from the west who want to experiment with these plants and they do. It is possible that you will have unusual experiences with beings from other planes and perhaps receive some information or you may even have a horrific experience that can lead to imbalance. Westerners are very curious but they never have the time to understand that these plants grow in certain areas for a reason and people who live there are aware of their power and how to use them. The wisdom of the plant is part of the wisdom of the culture and outsiders do not have this wisdom. My advise is that people from other parts of the world should not rely on stimulants to expand their consciousness. Growth can be achieved by following your path and connect to the cosmic light.

Done by communication between God Thoth, Barbara and Robbert-jan Rozenkruis. Saturday, 1 November 2014.

The Maya were sophisticated users of hallucinogens with an extensive shamanic pharmacopoeia at their disposal. Visions of therianthropes – half-man, half-beast hybrids – are amongst the imagery most consistently seen in altered states of consciousness. 

Ancient healing Benefits of Shilajit & Ashwgandha

Genuine Shilajit resin was traditionally used in Ayurvedic and Siberian shamanic medicine almost as a panacea. The ancients used this substance to successfully address numerous health issues.

Antioxidant properties.
Shilajit not being an antioxidant itself mimics the most powerful antioxidants. Incredibly on one hand it promotes cellular respiration which would normally lead to oxidation, on the other hand, it inhibits damage from oxidation. This is a unique and powerful anti-aging property.

Antibacterial properties.
On the contact, the substance destroys common pathogenic microbe strains. This includes staphylococci, streptococci, coliform bacteria, enterococci, Proteus.

Alcohol withdrawal.
Sometimes Shilajit with other herbs may be effective in reducing alcohol withdrawal anxiety.

Anabolic benefits.
Mineral pitch is a natural alternative to anabolic substances. Healthy and naturally it increases strength and muscle mass while promoting the corporations well and fast.

Blood sugar control and diabetes.
In vivo the Shilajit-based formulation showed to effectively repair and regenerate tissue of a pancreas. It also maintained healthy levels of blood glucose and lipid profile.

Immune benefits.
Genuine and high quality Resin is a potent and nonspecific stimulator off the immune system.

Cognition enhancing benefits.
It promotes learning, memory and cerebral activity.

Inhibition of painkiller tolerance development.
While taking Shilajit a body may not develop a tolerance to pain killers. This means that it could be an effective way to counter addiction to painkillers.

Sedation and pain control.
Shilajit could be used complementary for sedation and pain control in certain situations.

Anti-toxic and anti-radiation.
Moomiyo/Shilajit can be used to detoxify the body/liver and to counter side effects of x-ray radiation.

Shilajit stabilizes mast cells over time and can have anti-allergic properties.

Moomiyo is a potent anti-inflammatory agent which naturally reduces inflammation. It was traditionally used to address wound healing, tissue damage and multiple inflammatory conditions.

Energy production.
Mineral Pitch (a.k.a. Shilajit, Moomiyo, Salajeet, etc.) activates mitochondrial respiration on a cellular level and contributes to the long-lasting energy without being a stimulant.

Tissue regeneration. (Bones, skin, organs, muscles)
There are extensive studies on mineral pitch use (Moomiyo) use for regeneration of broken bones. Shilajit was traditionally used to regenerate damaged tissue in a body. Tradition was confirmed by Soviet doctors in the 60s 70s and 80s, who routinely used Moomiyo to accelerate healing of broken bones.

Mental and physical performance enhancer.
Genuine mineral pitch resin substantially improves performance on mental and physical levels.

    Ashwagandha, an exotic Indian herb, has remarkable stress-relieving properties comparable to those of powerful drugs used to treat depression and anxiety. In addition to its excellent protective effects on the nervous system, ashwagandha may be a promising alternative treatment for a variety of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Ashwagandha has powerful antioxidant properties that seek and destroy the free radicals that have been implicated in ageing and numerous disease states. Even more remarkable, emerging evidence suggests that ashwagandha has anti-cancer benefits as well.
Powerful Protective Effects on the Nervous System

   Stress, environmental toxins, and poor nutrition all have a detrimental impact on our nervous systems.

   Scientific studies support ashwagandha’s ability not only to relieve stress, but also to protect brain cells against the deleterious effects of our modern lifestyles.

   Using a validated model of damaged nerve cells and impaired nerve-signalling pathways, researchers noted that ashwagandha supported significant regeneration of the axons and dendrites of nerve cells. Furthermore, ashwagandha extract supported the reconstruction of synapses, the junctions where nerve cells communicate with other cells. The investigators concluded that ashwagandha extract helps to reconstruct networks of the nervous system, making it a potential treatment for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

   In another study at the same institute, researchers found that ashwagandha helped support the growth of nerve cell dendrites, which allow these cells to receive communications from other cells. This finding suggests that ashwagandha could help heal the brain tissue changes that accompany dementia.

   In a third published study, the researchers noted that ashwagandha helped promote the growth of both normal and damaged nerve cells, suggesting that the herb may boost healthy brain cell function as well as benefit diseased nerve cells.

   These findings provide tremendous hope that ashwagandha extracts may one day help heal neurodegenerative diseases in humans, freeing patients from the mental prisons of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Clearly, this is just the beginning of research into ashwagandha’s ability to encourage physical re-growth of the brain.

   Ashwagandha also shows promise as a treatment for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, chronic neurodegenerative conditions for which there currently are no cures. In a recent study using a standardized model of human Parkinson’s disease, ashwagandha extract reversed all the parameters of Parkinson’s-type neurodegeneration significantly and in a dose-dependent manner. Remarkably, an earlier study showed that ashwagandha extract inhibits acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down one of the brain’s key chemical messengers.

   In addition to ashwagandha’s documented neuroprotective effects, exciting recent evidence suggests that it also has the potential to stop cancer cells in their tracks. For example, a recent analysis showed that ashwagandha extract inhibited the growth of human breast, lung, and colon cancer cell lines in the laboratory. This inhibition was comparable to that achieved with the common cancer chemotherapy drug doxorubicin. In fact, researchers reported that withaferin , a specific compound extracted from ashwagandha, was more effective than doxorubicin in inhibiting breast and colon cancer cell growth.

   Scientists in India recently conducted cell studies showing that ashwagandha extract disrupts cancer cells’ ability to reproduce—a key step in fighting cancer. Additionally, laboratory analysis indicates that ashwagandha extract possesses anti-angiogenic activity, also known as the ability to prevent cancer from forming new blood vessels to support its unbridled growth. These findings lend further support to ashwagandha’s potential role in fighting cancer.


B Y   D A L E   D E C K E R

   In 1846 two Catholic missionaries decided to go on a special journey that many others wouldn't dare. They decided to travel and gain access to the forbidden city of Lhasa in the mysterious land of Tibet. Their goal was to preach Christianity amongst the Buddhists but their intent was not fulfilled as we will soon find out. Before they reached the forbidden city they had first stumbled upon a monastery-the monastery of Kounboun and a mysterious wonder that was within it.

   What their eyes had witnessed within the monastery was a mysterious tree which appeared to be of great age with a trunk so wide that three persons could embrace it with outstretched arms. Its height was about eight feet, and its branches were spread out and some of them appeared like they were dead. Its leaves were green and the wood of the entire tree had a reddish tint and it emitted a cinnamon like scent.

   The Lamas of the monastery informed the missionaries that a piece of long hair was taken from Tsong-Kha-pa(14th century Lama who was buried under the monastery) and this single hair was planted and that this tree grew from it. The Lamas also said to them that this tree produces huge red flowers during the summer when the eighth moon appears. Upon closer examination the missionaries witnessed strange symbols on its leaves, bark, and trunk. When a piece of bark was removed from the tree the same symbol was present under or on the younger layer of bark of the tree. On the younger leaves of the tree the symbols appeared to be in a partial state of formation. The missionaries carefully examined the tree for trickery and fraud but could not detect any. The missionaries left without preaching any of their Christian creed and returned from whence they came with this story and many other strange tales. It is was well known in theosophical circles of that time period that the symbols that appeared on every part of this tree were the symbols of the ancient picture language of SENZAR, and that these symbols when translated contains the whole history of creation and esoteric lore of the sacred books of Buddhism.

How can such a marvel as the Kounboun tree be possible without any trickery?

   An initiate of the occult tradition would understand the phenomenon of the Kounboun tree as a mysterious manipulation of the astral ether and its effects on the hidden chemistry's within nature. When we understand how this invisible light manifests its unseen vibrations within our natural environment are able to find or discover other great marvels like in the underground realm of the mineral kingdom there are deposits of metallic gold and silver that are shaped like huge intricate trees or that there is certain flowers that have two colours that are the exact opposites of each other.Can science explain the intricacies of a snowflake or why certain shell fish found within the Red Sea have marks on them that resemble Hebrew letters? Does a theologian understand how a seer can see unreflected images in a pool of water? Absolutely not! They may never explain it because they refuse, deny, and debunked the astral ether of the occultist. So the mystery of the Kounboun tree, along with countless others are and always will remain mysteries among the uninitiated.


Tsongkhapa Lobzang Drakpa was one of the most influential Tibetan Buddhist scholars of the last millennium. Born in Amdo, he travelled to U-Tsang in his youth, never to return to his homeland. In U-Tsang he studied with numerous teachers of all traditions and engaged in many retreats resulting in his development of a fresh interpretation of Nāgārjuna's Madhyamaka view and a reinvigoration of the monastic Vinaya. Widely regarded as an emanation of Mañjuśrī, Tsongkhapa composed eighteen volumes of works of which the majority dealt with tantric subjects. He was the founder of Ganden Monastery, which became the central monastery of the Geluk tradition that was founded on his teachings and writings. Tsongkhapa Lobzang Drakpa (tsong kha pa blo bzang grags pa) was born in the Tsongkha (tsong kha) region of Amdo in 1357. 

The Prayer of Fortuna, the Juggler

B Y   R O B E R T  H U G H E Y


Fatalistic Last Lover...


My Yin Yearns for your Young Love... 


Eternal Divine Child...


Does the Heart of God ever Rest in Peace?



...Maroon Moon of My Ancient Universal World Globe.


...a Yellow Yang Yanks my Core Vice from My Comprehension.


...My Newborn Planet's Rings Sing a Sad Out-of-Tune Song this Night.


I am Eternity. I am Time.

...I am Fate. I am Inevitability.

I am Chronos, incarnation immortality.

...I am Delusion's Illusion. I am Death.

Am I am a lost rodent, following a Piper's Song?

...I am Kokopelli's Flute, for the sacred musician's hand.

Am I lost? Am I dead? Is my soul sold and gone?

...I am Thoth's Dream Delivered, the Divine Scribe's Pen.

Am I Phobos, old Child of Deceased Mars? Ever scared. Ever fearful.

...I am Nix, some say of Lenox. I am All and None.

We are One. And WE ARE.

We are the Same!


And Ye Need Never Fear Anything Ever Again, Child.

For Ye were a nobel Goddess named HOPE.

And up HERE We are always Ever Mindful

of Keeping that Sacred... Beautiful... Dumb... Hope...


© Mr. Robert W. Hughey. All rights reserved.

T H E  D A N G E R  O F   S U L F I T E S   I N   W I N E

"Bacchanal of the Winetub" by Andrea Mantegna 

Sulfites in Wine

All wines contain sulphur dioxide in various forms, collectively known as sulfites.

Why does it matter ?
  There are three reasons you might not want sulphur dioxide added to your wine.

  Sulphur dioxide has an unpleasant smell, like that of a struck match, detectable at very low concentrations.

  Sulphur dioxide can cause potentially fatal allergic reactions and has been linked with numerous other health problems, including hangover.

  Adding sulphur dioxide breaks the principle of naturalness in wine.

How much is too much ?
  This depends on the type of wine, the sensitivity of the taster, and the ratio between free and bound sulphur dioxide in the wine.

Free and bound sulphur dioxide 

  Only a proportion of the SO2 added to a wine will be effective as an anti-oxidant. The rest will combine with other elements in the wine and cease to be useful. The part lost into the wine is said to be bound, the active part to be free.

  A good winemaker will try to get the highest proportion of free sulphur to bound that he can. At best this will be about half the amount bound.

  Sulphur levels in different types of wine

  Red wines do not need any added sulphur dioxide because they naturally contain anti-oxidants, acquired from their skins and stems during fermentation. Conventional winemakers add some anyway.

  White wines and rosés do not contain natural anti-oxidants because they are not left in contact with their skins after crushing. For this reason they are more prone to oxidation and tend to be given larger doses of sulphur dioxide.

  Sweet wines get the biggest doses because sugar combines with and binds a high proportion of any SO2 added. To get the same level of free sulphur dioxide, the total concentration has to be higher than for dry wines.

Sensitivity to Sulfites 

   Most people can detect sulphur dioxide in water at around 11 mg/l. In wine, the presence of alcohol and acids means that it is less obvious.

   For an experienced taster, accustomed to natural wine, sulphur dioxide becomes unpleasant at concentrations of around 20-30 mg/l, depending on the style of wine and the ratio of free to bound sulphur.

   For most people the threshold is much higher, but most people have never tasted an unsulphured wine. They may well be able to taste the sulphur, but used to the taste.
How do you tell how much SO2 a wine contains ?

 Under EU law, any wine containing more than 10mg/l of sulphur dioxide must be labelled as ‘containing sulfites’.

What are the health implications ?
The World Health Organisation recommends a maximum daily intake of 0.7mg of sulphur dioxide per kilogram of bodyweight.

   For a man of average weight this is less than a third of a bottle of a white wine with a concentration of 200 mg/l (the EU limit for dry white wine is 210mg/l).

   Regular consumption of conventional wines means regularly exceeding the RDA of sulphur dioxide by a large margin. Wine is not the only product with high levels of SO2.

   More specifically, sulphur dioxide can cause allergic reactions in some people. It is dangerous for asthmatics even at very low levels.

   Sulphur dioxide contributes significantly to hangovers. Heavy drinkers who also have to get up in the morning would be advised to stick to natural wine.

   Like dairy products, dried fruits, spices, or jams, wine contains sulfites. White wines tend to have higher sulfite content than red wines. So, if you are allergic to sulfites, wine can be among a list of products which are not for you. Individuals who suffer from this allergy are often asthmatics, and sulfites may cause hives, nausea or even anaphylactic shock in them.
People who suffer with migraine headaches should also be warned against drinking wine. Both red and white wines can serve as migraine triggers.
Individuals, who need to lose weight and count calories, should be very cautious with alcohol intake. Empty calories and triglycerides, which wine contains, can actually contribute to weight gain. For example, five ounces of white or red wine add up to approximately 120 calories, and four glasses of wine translates to 480 calories.

   Pregnant women should abstain from drinking wine or any other alcohol during their pregnancy, as even small amounts of alcohol consumed during pregnancy increases risks of birth defects and fatal death. If exposed to alcohol, unborn babies may suffer a number of negative side effects, which will influence their physical and mental health: odd facial features, smaller size in comparison to other children of their age, learning and behaviour problems etc.

   In case that alcohol is consumed in large quantities, liver has to work overtime, which may lead to liver dysfunction in several years. Liver diseases, liver infection or liver cirrhosis is one of the long-term effects of abusing alcoholic beverages.

   In case you are taking some prescription drugs, never mix them with wine. Carefully read the warning labels on the medicines you take. Depending on the prescription drug taken and the amount of wine drunk, the adverse reaction may vary.

   Wine consumption can cause sleeping disorders, stomach infections and stomach ulcers, hypertension or other heart problems, memory problems and family history of severe memory diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, family history of cancers, dementia or alcoholism etc. Wine is also not recommended if you have a history of psychological illnesses: depression, bipolar syndrome, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder or others.

Connecting to Higher Light

B Y  R O B E R T  H U G H E Y

   Throughout the messages from the Gods of the Pleroma is the instruction for people on Earth to connect to the Higher Light. There are no clear instructions or indications about what that exactly is or exactly how to bring the Higher Light into your awareness. This is by design, as the Higher Light can be defined a great many ways, and there are many techniques to connect to it. The Gods do not wish to limit any understanding or comprehension of the Higher Light, and there are as many specific ways to connect to it and to the Gods as there are individuals on the Earth.

   I want to share with you one of the ways I connect to the Higher Light. This is not meant to be complete step-by-step instructions of how anyone else should connect or perceive the Higher Light, but I want to share my own personal experience in the hope that it might provide inspiration for others to have their own experiences.

   My newest method of connection requires understanding that an aspect of the Higher Light is communication and information. To facilitate the exchange of information between the Earth and the Pleroma, bridges are being built in many diverse ways. One such bridge I recently began crossing more often involves communication with the Goddess Astaroth. She assists those who wish to connect to the Higher Light, and the results I've experienced so far with Her have been, to be honest, a whole lot of fun.

   For instance, today I decided I wanted to write this article for the Order. I planned it in conversation with Goddess Astaroth. I first connect with Her by saying Her name a few times, repeating it until I receive a clear indication physically that She and I are communicating properly. At this point, our bridge of communication is secure and Her response is instant, but it's the way She communicates that I find particularly enjoyable.

   As I started to discuss what I wanted to write today, I would ask questions, and the physical environment around me would respond. I'd say that I felt it was particularly important for me to be general when discussing the particulars of the Higher Light, and immediately my space heater beeped across the room. I asked Her about including our conversation in the article, and in that instant my oven timer went off to remind me to take my lunch out. Two or three such synchronized events could be a coincidence, but the 30 or so such events while writing this today is sufficient evidence, to me personally, of a legitimate communication.

   This is one quality of working with the Gods I find hilarious sometimes. Recently, I had an important request that I asked, and the immediate response in my physical environment was receiving a text message a moment later from a friend who was responding to a question I'd asked him days ago. "Yes, that would be fine" was the message. I couldn't help but laugh at the perfect timing of the message, whose words could (and were) interpreted as a very direct and clear response and affirmation to my query.

   These sort of physical manifestations did not start out quite so numerous and direct for me. Currently, I feel like I'm always in a running conversation with Higher and non-corporeal Beings, but at first it required a bit of focus, a lot of patience, and perhaps most importantly, it required me to "acknowledge" that something in my physical environment was a response to my side of the conversation. It was important for me to say "I recognize that as communication" (or something of that nature) as the bridge was built and broadened between what I view as my physical location and with that which was aligning and coming through in communication from Higher sources.

   It is offered to anyone else to connect with Goddess Astaroth as a way to build and strengthen one's personal connection to the Pleroma and to the Higher Light. If a personal relationship with another essence of Divinity is important and developed in your life, then that may also be an excellent way to connect and bring the Higher Light into your life and, very important at this time, through you to the Earth itself.

   Ultimately, it is what you are most familiar with and comfortable with that should be your preferred method of connection, but the Gods are here offering to facilitate and strengthen as many channels and bridges to the Higher Light as possible.

This is essential for true healing, evolution and growth, both of individuals and of the Earth itself.

T H E    C O S M I C   L I G H T 

B Y   K E V I N

   As humans living in the illusion, we have blocked ourselves from the flow of the cosmic light. Our higher self and astral body are not separated from the light, but our physical bodies have forgotten the connection between this body and our higher aspects of self, and so the cosmic light struggles to flow through us. Knowing this, it is very simple to remedy the situation; we must make the connection between all our bodies. This connection will lead instantly to discovering our true self, extinguishing the illusion, and allowing the cosmic light to flow through us so that we may become co-creators.

   The cosmic light is the light of our source, our creator. The gods of the Pleroma are much closer to our source, in terms of vibration, and this allows them to use logos to create using our source’s light. They allow the light to flow through them to create and maintain a balance of energies. This divine light is what keeps us all alive. It is our connection to our source

   Allowing this flow of cosmic light to enter your being and flow through you without any blockages is what is needed now. We suffer in an illusion, and our beloved planet Earth suffers from the same illusion. She has also blocked herself from the cosmic light of the gods and won’t allow them to intervene to help her. Just like us, mother Gaia is suffering from distrust, schisms, fear, and anxieties. All of these are illusions that are made to trick us and seem all too real. And these are the things that block us from the flow of the cosmic light. The cosmic light is truth. It wakes you up to your true self; your true self which is much more than this physical body that exists for this lifetime. When a being decides to wake up, they go through transformations and purifications to remove the blockages in their being. When all the illusion is removed from their existence, and they can clearly see truth, walk with purity and clarity, then the cosmic light has a channel to flow through. This, our true being, is a being of the light of our source, ever expanding, growing, and evolving.

   As the cosmic light flows through you, it affects all of those connected to you. This creates a chain reaction as others wake up from the illusion. We have come to planet Earth in this lifetime to heal her, to bring back the golden age that she once experienced at the time of her birth. It is our mission to raise our vibrations and raise the vibration of Earth. As vibrations rise higher, more light is allowed to flow through. So as a collective we must wake up our brothers and sisters. We must find our true purposes, all of which are unique to each of us, but at the same time we all have the purpose of expansion, growth, and to raise our vibrations. Our true purpose is known by our true self. Connect to your true self and you will experience clarity and relief from all illusory feelings of separation. Feelings of anxiety, fear, suffering, loneliness, and despair will all cease to exist in your true self. You will feel the connection with all of your bodies and a connection with the cosmic light. And you will support others in their growth because this is a natural law of the cosmos; experience growth towards our source and support others in their growth towards our source. The cosmos is truly a place of beauty where illusion cannot hinder you without you first allowing it to. So stop giving life to the illusion and start purifying yourself of all that blocks you from experiencing the cosmic light of our source. This is truth and truth is the home of your true self.


   Shungite (Russia) - We are pleased to be able to offer Shungite sent to us directly from Russia for our web-shop this month. Shungite is a rare, carbon-based, noncrystalline rock that comes from the Karelia area of Russia, in a village called Shun’ga, from where it got its name.

   This unique, black mineral may have dated as far back as two billion years ago. It contains fullerenes, which are molecules composed almost entirely of carbon.

   Shungite, which looks similar to coal, has the ability of conducting electromagnetic and geothermal energy, and yet absorbs and shields the body from electromagnetic emissions such as those caused by computers, microwaves, Wi-Fi and the like. Shungite can also absorb negative energy and remove it from a person or even an entire space. It will replace stress and negative emotions into positive energy, while at the same time keeping the user grounded and protected.

   Not only does Shungite remove negativity, but will also rid the body of pollutants, bacteria, viruses and free radicals. Use Shungite to detoxify the body, bolster the immune system and relieve pain and inflammation. It can ease headaches and insomnia. Shungite helps with a variety of issues and ailments, from asthma and arthritis to chronic fatigue syndrome, pancreatic conditions and cardiovascular disease.

   Shungite is a hard-working, no-nonsense mineral. It needs to be recharged and cleansed on a regular basis in order to continue its work.

Ecological Potential Shungite

   Shungite - ancient carbonaceous rocks with an age of about 2 billion years. Schungite carbon solid residue is the oldest oil and shungite Zazhoginsky - petrified organo-silicate (silicone) gel. The breed derives its name - "Zhung" 130 years ago, but until recently has not been used, ie was not the minerals. Actively enter into the economic life begins only shungite XXI century.

   Shungite not find application in practice because of their unusual properties . As an example of this - the story using shungita as an energy fuel. Schungite not burning furnaces . Not burned because Schungite carbon has high activity and reactivity. So high that heating is no need for him to take oxygen from the air. Shungit takes oxygen from the nearest neighbors - silicate minerals , showing " antioxidant " properties in thermal processes . Unusual properties reported shungite carbon shungite rocks and unusual special ( shungit ) carbon structure .Schungite structure is defined as a non-crystalline metastable negrafitiruemuyu , globular , fullerene . The main element of this structure is the globule with sizes 100-300 A0 ( 10-30 nm ) . Globule has onion structure and the ability to slightly change the order inside fullerene layers and the distance between the layers. This is reflected in the definition - " metastable structures " shungite carbon . Structure globules themselves resistant to phase transitions shungite carbon into other types of crystalline carbon - graphite and diamond .Shungit Zazhoginsky consisting of 30 % carbon and 68 shungite % silicates is a natural nano- composite. Nanostructure such breed determines its specific properties : sorption , catalytic, reduction ( antioxidant ) , the capacity for self-regeneration .Shungit sorbent as a number of positive characteristics :- High mechanical strength and low abrasion resistance ;- High filtration efficiency ( adaptability, characterized by low impedance head) ;- Sorption capacity for many substances, both organic ( mineral oil, benzene, phenol , pesticides , etc. ) and minerals (iron , manganese , phosphorus, arsenic) .Shungit able to clean the water from the oil to the MPC discharge water fisheries in reservoirs. This effect is used in shungite filters installed on the Ring Road and new highways .Shungit dense material with low porosity , the inner surface of the activated carbon is significantly inferior . Therefore competent to question - how effective sorbent shungite as how long it can work?According to the work performed in the SIMS and Chemical Technology University . Mendeleev Schungite activated carbon sorbent loses in the first stage , during the first 250 hours , and subsequently begins to clean the solution with a higher and more constant speed. This is explained by the catalytic properties of schungite ability to catalytically oxidize sorbed organic matter.

   Shungite as a strong reducing agent absorbs oxygen from the water . In the process of chemical interaction with the oxygen produced atomic oxygen is a strong oxidizing agent and oxidizing organic substances sorbed to CO2 and H2O and releasing surface shungita for new acts of sorption.Long-acting shungita respect to dissolved metals is explained by the fact that the metals transferred shungite in the form of insoluble carbonates. This contributes to the oxidation of organic matter to CO2.Shungita ability to absorb oxygen actively interact with it at room temperature in water and the air has numerous practical confirmation.In water, the sanatorium " Marcial Waters " (Republic of Karelia) , leaving the thick shungite no oxygen . Due to this the iron present in high concentrations in water is a bivalent soluble form . When reaching the surface and exposed to air and oxidized iron is precipitated in the form of ocher.This phenomenon is completely modelled in vitro . In a vessel with water and iron shungite allocated to the vessel wall just above the layer shungit. Directly from the water layer schungite iron filling does not fall out . Obviously, shungite absorbs dissolved oxygen which is more active than iron. IO Krylov and AV Krylov give information about the decomposition of absorbed on the surface shungita oil at room temperature. Petroleum concentration shungite after storage for 4 months decreased by 77,0-99,7 %, depending on the initial concentration . " Self-regeneration " shungites , apparently , was the result of the catalytic oxidation of petroleum products.High regenerative , antioxidant properties shungita manifested not only with respect to oxygen . Research antioksidatnyh properties shungita respect to organochlorine compounds and free radicals formed in the Moscow University and the Military Medical Academy have shown that free radicals shungite outputs of water is 30 times better than activated carbon and almost completely. This is an extremely important point because the free radicals formed during water treatment with chlorine , have an extremely negative impact on the human body and are the cause of many serious diseases ( cardiovascular , cancer , and diabetes, ageing pathologies , atherosclerosis ) . Regular consumption of free particles with drinking water depletes the biochemical mechanisms of the body and contributes to the development of various pathologies. One of the ways to solve the problem of the antioxidant protection of the population is the search of natural antioxidants and shungite is an effective natural antioxidant.Shungita exceptional antioxidant properties should be subject to review and use of this material in a variety of drinking water systems in order to improve its quality characteristics in the direction of health giving properties of water .Range of health properties shungita wide enough. First, schungite water has long been used to treat skin diseases . On the territory Zaonezhskoe Peninsula Lake Onega is the source of "Three Ivan ," which the local population venerated saints and treatment to which drove from other regions , despite its inaccessibility .Artificial infusions shungite also treat skin diseases . In Tula SRI " New medical technologies ," the investigations showed that schungite drugs accelerate cell renewal and epithelization enrich cells necessary nutrients , stimulate blood circulation and regeneration of skin cells , carry out relief irritation. Schungite drugs have a bactericidal effect , relieve itching , have analgesic effect.When using shungite drugs in feed pigs marked effect a complete cure them from diarrhea. Application shungita in feed foxes according to the Institute of Biology

   Karelian Research Center of foxes increased weight , improved the quality of fur, promoted conservation pups per litter and increased livestock.Introduction shungita in the diet of chickens - broilers revealed its ability to compensate for the negative impact of poor quality, mycotoxin contaminated feed on the growth of the birds .Shungit recommended VNIITU poultry poultry farms in the country as a mineral supplement for the prevention of chronic stimulation of growth and mycotoxin birds .These properties offer opportunities shungita use in medicine ( in particular in dermatology, dentistry , gynecology ) , veterinary , livestock , poultry .Shungit Zazhoginsky - conductive stone. This property was shungita base to create on its basis a broad class of conductive building materials with radio shielding and radio absorbing properties.Schungite radio shielding materials have passed comprehensive testing of industrial facilities for the protection of electronic information and have proved to be reliable, durable , environmentally friendly and safer than metal screens .Topic protection against electromagnetic smog is becoming increasingly important . This leads coming to life and business practices of electronic appliances , communication , understanding the adverse health effects of solar storms and geopathic zones . Shungites able to interact with the electromagnetic fields of different nature , protect people from the harmful effects of these rays. Screened shungite materials reduce the level of human exposure is artificial and natural sources hundreds of times , and create conditions for a comfortable stay in their rights and restoration of health . In the wards, the Military Medical Academy ( St. Petersburg ) , shielded shungite patients recover much faster .In the Tula SRI " New medical technologies " showed that the presence of shungite materials near the source of radiation cellular frequency significantly weakens their impact on the body.

   Ecological potential shungita very wide. It is implemented in the processes of purification of water and air , to protect people from electromagnetic radiation of different nature , enhancing the immune characteristics of humans and animals in the therapeutic properties against a broad range of diseases .In specific practical terms it is used to filter the drinking water and sewage treatment , in the creation of radioprotective materials and devices of rehabilitation centers shungitoterapii in agriculture - animal health, to improve the quality of feed, production of pure natural " no chemical fertilizers."

   Found near the small village of Shunga in Russia, the remarkable mineral known asshungite formed naturally more than two billion years ago from living single-cell organisms. Used in Russian healing therapies since the time of Peter the Great, shungite contains almost the entire periodic table of the elements as well as fullerenes, the hollow carbon-based molecules that recent research shows are able to slow both the growth of cancer cells and the development of the AIDS virus.

Radioactive shielding

There are three main types of radiation:
  • alpha 
  • beta 
  • gamma-ray emission 

   Any thing, any material object of those around us has a certain amount of radionuclides (not related to the nuclear industry) that can decompose and emit ionizing radiation - the proverbial radiation.

   Another source of radiation, non-natural and artificial radionuclides, is the cosmic radiation. In the open space, this radiation has tremendous energy, but passing through the atmosphere, greatly weakened and no significant effect on the person. With increasing altitude increases and the background radiation - so people often travel by air, get a higher dose of radiation, a greater dose produced astronauts go into space.

   The most dangerous is the radiation - gamma rays, it has the highest penetration, its electromagnetic waves are able to pass through the body.

   Irradiation with gamma-rays, depending on the dose and duration can cause chronic and acute radiation syndrome. Stochastic effects of radiation include various types of cancer. Gamma radiation is a mutagen and teratogen.

   Approximately 84.4% of the dose we get only from natural sources.

   15.3% - from medical sources, 0.3% - from man-made sources (power plants and other enterprises of the nuclear industry here also included the effects of nuclear explosions). In the structure of natural sources of radon can be identified (50.9% of the total dose), terrigenous radiation due to radionuclides present in the soil (15.6%), cosmic radiation (9.8%), and finally, the internal exposure due radionuclides present in the body (potassium-40, and

Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation

   Electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic waves) - distributed in space perturbation (change of state) of the electromagnetic field (e.g., interacting electric and magnetic fields).

   Electromagnetic radiation can not be seen, and its energy impact can be of varying degrees and power. Imperceptible from a person (being the most common) to the thermal sensation in the emission of high power. Studies have shown that long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation, even relatively low levels, can cause cancer, memory loss, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease, impotence and even increase suicidal. Especially dangerous field for children and pregnant women. 15 minutes after the start of work on the computer at 9.10 year old child changes in blood and urine almost coincide with changes in human blood cancer patient? Similar changes are seen in 16-year-old half-hour, an adult - after 2 hours of operation of the monitor. U.S. researchers found:

The majority of women working on computers in the pregnancy, the foetus develops abnormally, and the probability of miscarriage close to 80%

   The most negative feature of electromagnetic signals in the fact that they tend to accumulate in the body over time. People by occupation, many use various office equipment - computers, telephones (including mobile) - found lower immunity, frequent stress, decreased sexual activity, fatigue. And that's not all the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation!

Negative radiation sources in the home:

  • TV 
  • Computer 
  • Cell Phone 
  • Microwave, fridge 
  • Electric range 
  • Hairdryer 
  • Electric lamp 
  • Heater conditioning 

External Sources of negative radiation:

  • Electric transmission line 
  • Transformers 
  • Electric panel 
  • Cable lines 
  • Contact the public transport network 
  • Tower mobile operators 

Protection Against Radon

   Radon, under normal conditions - a colourless inert gas, radioactive, can be dangerous to health and life. At room temperature is one of the heavier gases.

   The concentration of radon in the air depends primarily on the geological environment (so, granites, in which a lot of uranium, radon sources are active at the same time, the surface of the seas little radon) and the weather (in the rain microcracks on that radon comes from the soil are filled with water, snow cover also prevents access of radon in the air). Before the earthquake there was an increase in radon concentration in the air, probably due to a more active exchange of air in the soil due to the growth of the microseismic activity.

   The main components of background radiation areas heavily dependent on human activities. This is primarily due to such factors as the choice of building materials, design of buildings and used them in the ventilation systems. Measurements do not always confirm the prevailing conclusion that in the basement and on the ground floors of buildings radon accumulates in higher concentrations than in the upper.

   Entering the human body, radon contributes to processes that lead to lung cancer. Nuclear decay of radon and its daughter isotopes in the lungs causes mikroozhog because all the energy of alpha particles is absorbed almost at the point of collapse. It is especially dangerous (increases risk) a combination of radon and smoking. It is believed that radon - the second most common (after smoking) factor causing lung cancer mainly bronchogenic (central) type. Lung cancer caused by radon exposure is the sixth leading cause of cancer death.

   The decay products of radon get into your lungs with air and detained them. Decaying, emit alpha particles, affecting epithelial cells. Nuclear decay of radon causes lung mikroozhogi. And alpha particles cause damage to the chromosomes of human bone marrow cells, which increases the likelihood of developing leukemia. Most vulnerable to radon are the most important cells - sex, hematopoietic and immune systems. Particles of ionizing radiation damage and hereditary code, hiding, does not manifest itself, as long as the "sick" cell the time comes to share or to create a new body - the child.


B Y  D A L E  D E C K E R

    A human being finds its existence as a physical body within the world of forms whose sensations are constantly bombarding the senses during waking life as we are all familiar with. But there is also another world that exists within our own beings where we have a different type of body with its own perception but to this day this internal world remains very mysterious and somewhat unknown to many. So from this perspective a human being is a twofold being which one part appears visible to the senses as a material form on the physical plane which is our external nature and the other part belongs to our internal nature which is invisible to the physical senses and which is our spiritual aspect. Yet both of these parts are not separate they are ONE and they are linked together by our soul-nature or what we come to know as the astral body. We may also try to understand it in this manner-a person consists of a physical body which is visible to the senses as a form and what brings that form into existence exists within our own beings as a soul and a spirit and all these three(body, soul, and spirit) are linked together and there is no separation between them. So what we perceive and know visibly about ourselves which we come to know through the physical senses also consists of a composition of invisible principles that exist within our own beings that we may come to know if we become conscious of it in which the majority only perceive as faint images during the hours of sleep as in the world of dreaming as many have come to know throughout their periodic earthly existence. That is another way of recognising these invisible elements that exist within our own beings in which the soul uses the light of the spirit to be able to perceive(through dreams) its own existence within its own realm which is apart of us and exists within the form or our bodies. Most people wake up from a dream and during waking life(when the senses are active) the experience usually fades from the memory in much the same way the perceptions of the physical senses fade away in the dream realm where the soul has its perception. Some may remember their dreams during waking life if they become conscious of this inner perception and they can also utilize the many functions of this inner perception if the arts of concentration, visualization and meditation where understood and applied.

   Consciousness! What is consciousness? Some aspects of consciousness have already been mentioned above such as the inpouring of the external world through our five physical senses which allows us to know that consciousness is located in the brain where these perceptions of the external world travel toward which produce certain thoughts and feelings. The brain also perceives what is going on in the realm of the soul by being awakened to its perception and becoming conscious of it and to be able to realise and utilize such an interior perception we would have to become conscious of the self-conscious power of the will(and how to utilise it) which is a potency of the light of the spirit. The impulses and feelings of the emotions come from the realm of the soul and they produce thoughts within the minds of persons and is a part of our daily existence, when we learn to control thoughts and feelings by the spiritual self-conscious power of the will we can learn how to transfer our consciousness of the external world into the interior world and be able to perceive what is going on in the realm of the soul. By exercising these powers of perception they begin to grow and develop with its many different internal functions(astral senses) such as being able to see things at such great distances from the actual physical body or to hear things that the actual physical ears cannot actually hear along with many other functions to numerous to mention here and would be to incomprehensible for those who have never had such experiences as these functions go un-utilised within the majority of persons.

   As we begin to learn how to center our consciousness within the realms of our own souls and begin to awaken the astral senses we will realise that are consciousness is ONE and is not limited to the world of the exterior and that we may utilise the consciousness with the spiritual power of the will to recognise that consciousness permeates our entire beings, along with that we may learn to have an existence and perception that lies hidden within our own beings.

   Before we can begin to develop this new perception of consciousness we must learn to control thought(by the spiritual power of the will), we must learn to control our own minds as it is the most important aspect which the occult student must learn and develop because the mind contains the substance in which consciousness acts through and the powers that are obtained by being able to control it are almost limitless. Anyone who has actually tried to hold onto a thought(by the faculty of visualization) for a minute or two usually finds this quite difficult because they are so use to a constant flow of thoughts arising in their minds as a result of all the sense impressions(from the exterior world) that are constantly bombarding it and without this control of thought and emotions (as well) no progress can be made in the occult arts of developing a perception of the soul or astral body. By controlling our thoughts and emotions we may be able to perceive the soul and spiritual senses of perception along with their activities.

   If we direct our consciousness and concentrate on a single thought about a living object(whether it be a plant, animal, or a person) and then shift this concentration of thought upon these life -forms in their decaying, withering and dying stage they invoke other emotions and thoughts that do not come from the external world of sense impressions. During this process(of meditation) we must pay absolute attention and concentrate upon the living and dying aspects of a life-form and the thoughts and emotions that will eventually arise which come from the depths of the soul(astral body) which will allow us to become conscious of the souls perception of these processes(Life and Death) in nature. After many practices we will realise that the feelings that are produced in this meditation become filled with energy and they begin to grow and they produce corresponding thoughts in the mind that come from the soul. As we carry out these inner workings we will lose our objective consciousness of the exterior world and become more aware of what the astral-soul substance has to tell us about the processes of life and death by becoming receptive to its perception. We will notice that there are new thoughts and feelings ascending out of our inner soul nature-thoughts and feelings that would not be experienced by just mere sense impressions coming from the exterior world. The more we practice this meditation these thoughts and feelings become more active and vivid which will eventually develop into a type of inner seeing, hearing, and feeling or what is known as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience which are awakened by practicing this meditation time and time again. I will attempt to explain how there is a difference in the thoughts and feelings that arise out of the depths of the soul when the power of concentration is directed(during this meditation) toward the manifestation of life in a living form and the departure of life from that living form. These experiences can only be described to a certain point so it would be best for anyone to practice the meditation for themselves to have these sorts of experiences because these two modes of thoughts and feelings(produced by concentrating on the living and dying aspects of nature as a meditation) become living powers within our own being and by being able to perceive them we will sooner or later become conscious of the perception of the astral world where the soul has its perception-truly a world within a world.

   Life and death then becomes much more then just impressions that come from the physical senses as they now begin to become astral sights, sounds and tactile sensations that we were once unaware of, we will also realise how fast these astral phenomena can change from one impression into another as the astral world becomes perceptible within our own selves. Living forms will have their own astral impressions to be received by us while the forms of the dying will leave us with quite a different set of astral impressions so we will then realise that the astral world has its own set of laws just like the physical world has. Once we advance in this meditation we will be able to inwardly see and hear things that maybe a great distance away from us on the physical plane or perceive things that have no physical existence at all and even have this type of perception integrated into our own beings where we could receive these impressions(pertaining to all things we have to experience on a daily basis) from the astral body without practicing the meditation.

The following is a description of only two months of practice of this meditation by an occultist(your writer) who is preparing for an advanced method of remote viewing:

   All preparations have been made-that no outer disturbances can disrupt the process(even ear-plugs are inserted to extinguish all sounds coming from the physical plane)….

   Meditation on the living aspect of nature: The direction of thought is focused upon a scene which is of a walking trail park that surrounds a pond in which ducks are swimming while others are stationary resting upon a man-made wooden structure that protrudes out into the water in a crooked formation. The ducks are heard flapping their wings in the water and communicating to each other by their calls and their is only one swan drifting about within the same pond at times plunging its head into the water while the observer(me) sits on a bench and can feel the sensations of sitting on the bench and being able to observe the entire panorama of the scene as if being there physically and being in a peaceful condition. The area is surrounded by many trees which form a small dense forest and their colors are beginning to change as the earth-organism and all its contents prepares for its winter rest, people unknown to the observer can be seen walking along the trails that pass nearby and sitting on benches and talking (whose voices can be heard clearly from across the pond which would be impossible to hear with physical hearing) located in areas across the pond where the trails continue to extend around the whole pond. There is a nine story office building across the pond which lies within the field of inner vision of the observer and once the inner gaze is directed toward it their is a barrage of noises coming from the building-the sounds of phones ringing and people talking and carrying out various activities(which could not be heard if the observer was actually physically present there), the sounds of the surrounding community are also heard as well as of the voices of those that are in the vicinity which can be seen by the inward gaze of the observer, the water of the stream nearby is also heard. After about ten minutes of observing this meditative panorama of life the observer raises his hand and waves it(actually feeling how this would feel if you would perform the action physically) through the air before him and the scenes now shifts into the second part of the meditation.

   Meditation on the dying aspect of nature: the direction of thought is focused upon a scene in which the observer stands before the decomposing carcass of a cat in which all the gases and fluids of its physical form have long dissolved away and only traces of its vapors(which cannot be actually seen physically) can be seen rising out of the corpse. The poor animal had succumbed to its life of misery and abandonment and its etheric, astral, and spiritual elements have long departed its decaying physical form but images of things that were once living remain impressed upon the astral light and during these types of meditations the soul becomes receptive to these images as the soul is composed of this same type of substance because the astral light permeates through all things and all things are permeated therein and this is the reason that a living cat(which is really dead on the physical plane) is sometimes perceived by the observer in the distance from the actual place of the observer during the meditation. The animal is also perceived during the actual process(in stages) of its living energies leaving its physical form before its final breath in which the descriptions are of a graphic nature and they effect the emotional nature of the observer(after the meditation) in ways that are to numerous to mention here and would be incomprehensible to those who are not experienced in these matters of a subtle nature.

   During the two month period of practicing this meditation the observers dream life has increased and intensified during the hours of sleep, along with spurts of clairvoyant and clairaudient perception during daily life from day to day, along with the perception of depth when transplanting consciousness into objects which is another occult subject unrelated to this one mentioned above.

   The above mentioned description of the observers meditation on the living and dying aspects in nature does not and cannot serve as a model for others to pursue the same experiences as the observers because the actual scenes in both descriptions correspond to actual physical conditions that have entered the stream of the observers sense impressions on the physical plane and consciousness has as many varied degrees of unfoldment as their are people. For anyone who would dare to attempt such a meditation they would have to derive from their own experiences of perceiving the souls perception of life-forms in a living and flourishing state and a withering and dying state while they may hopefully receive the impressions from their own world within a world.

Toxic Stress Cycle & The Practice of Colon Hydrotherapy in Ancient Time

"Civilized life means an artificial life: Civilized people, living in a civilized manner and eating civilized foods, can not, in the very nature of things, have a truly healthy colon. Health & Sickness both have their roots in the Colon."  Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane.


   The practice began in the ancient times in Egypt, perhaps as early as 1500 B.C. and was recorded in a medical document known as the “Eber Papyrus,” where enemasand colon hydrotherapies were used by physicians to treat fever and remove mucus. The ancient Greeks also used colonic irrigation to remove food, bile, blood, and for those with diseases.

   In the 19th Century, it was considered that the bacteria associated with the colon could be cleansed, and toxins eliminated from the body by creating a flushing system that worked with gravity.

   In 1908, Russian scientist Elie Metchnikoff received the Nobel Prize for research on immunity, and found that diseases occur due to the build up of toxins in the body, finding that intestinal toxins actually shorten a person’s life. Through colon cleansing, colon hydrotherapy, the positive bacterium are balanced and a sense of well-being is achieved.

   Sir W. Arbuthnot Lane found that the bowel was the source of many health problems, and that toxins within the colon are the causes of all disease. Lane went on authoring a book, The Prevention of The Diseases Peculiar to Civilization, in 1929.

Poor Digestion Harms The Body

   Nowadays, many people suffer from indigestion and medicinal drugs are commonly used to suppress the pain. If food is not properly digested, it will pass through the body in an undigested form and produce toxins. If toxins are not eliminated and remain long in the body, they can eventually lead to chronic diseases. Causes of poor digestion are stress, high in refined food, low fiber, overeat, inadequate chewing, imbalance intestinal bacteria and unhealthy bowel.

Toxic Stress Cycle

   The digestive system is the beginning. Undigested food putrefied and produce toxin in the colon. If a person is constipated, more toxins travel and congest the liver via the blood vein at the intestinal wall.

   The main function of the liver is to filter blood and neutralize toxic matters. If the congested liver is unable to neutralize these toxins, it will stored them in the liver while some are recycled - passing to the kidneys, lung and skin to be excreted, while some are stored in the lymphatic tissue, heart and skeletal muscles. If the toxins continuously not removed, it will affect production of energy, impair the digestion and the whole vicious “Toxic Stress Cycle” continues until degeneration and diseases occur. Constipation will aggravate the toxic cycle and worsen the condition.

   Signs of excessive toxins in the body are abdominal gas, constipation, low energy, overweight, body aches, dull and pimpled skin, skin inflammation such as eczema and psoriasis.

Recommended Actions

   Since toxic cycle begins with poor digestion which create toxins in the colon and pass them to the liver, the most effective solution to alleviate health problems associated with toxins is to provide simultaneous support to the stomach, colon and liver.

   The very first step to interrupt the toxic stress cycle is to cleanse the colon to minimize toxins being passed to the liver and other organs. Colonic treatment supervised by a certified therapist known as “Colon Hydrotherapy” is a therapeutic application of pure water in the colon while the gowned patient lies comfortably on the colonic equipment. Water travels into the colon to soften and flush out stagnated and excessive toxins store in the colon. After colon cleansing, it is important to support the digestive system and detoxification function of the liver in order to optimize the benefits of detoxification.

Getting a Clean Colon

“Most human beings eat unhealthy diet, drink less than 6-8 glasses of pure water a day and they have unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and do not have a healthy daily bowel? Are you one of them?

“An average person carry 2-5kgs of toxic wastes inside the body. As at 2010, Colon Cancer ranks No.1 among men and No. 2 among women in Malaysia” Are you concerned?

What happens when we don’t empty our bowel enough?

    The toxic chemicals will start to build-up in the colon, obstruct the flow of waste and toxins out from the body. It creates Digestive Stress, impairing the function of the stomach, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and small intestines causing indigestion, excessive gas, bad breath, heartburn, reflux and constant abdominal pain while a dirty toxic colon lead to body odor, constipation, hemorrhoids and menstrual problems. These sub-health problems have become part of modern people’s life. The toxic wastes in the colon thicken and in turn create more toxins and bacterial growth. The blood capillaries attached to the colon wall begin to pick up the toxins, travel to the liver and circulated throughout the body.. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances. Here is the beginning of “Toxic Stress Cycle” due to poor digestion and bowel movement.

    Excessive toxicity in the stomach and colon may lead to stomach-colon-rectal related diseases. When toxins congest the liver and get deposited in the blood, body tissues and muscles, one will experiences headache, emotional disturbances, irritability, insomnia, poor facial complexion, skin problems, backaches or even degenerative diseases like hypertension and high cholesterols.

Remove the Main Source of Sickness with Colon Hydrotherapy

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

   It is a simple and effective water therapy to remove gas, waste and toxic chemicals in the colon. It has long history in natural medicine and now widely recommended by naturopathic doctors.

   By introducing pure water into the colon, the waste is softened and loosened resulting in natural elimination. This is the most efficient and effective manner to flush out long impacted waste and toxic chemicals. Once the colon is unclogged, undigested food, chemicals toxins can flow out smoothly and easily. This will ease and regularize future bowel, improve the function of the digestive system and stimulate whole body detoxification process.


• Solve stomach and colon pain and discomfort.
• Reduce gas and improve digestion
• Reduce stress, feel energetic and gain better quality sleep
• Ease improvement of skin and weight loss
• Reduce the risk of stomach and colon related disease.

   Many people have benefited from colon hydrotherapy and free themselves from bowel toxicity and a string of health complaints that is bothering their work and life.

A Healthy Colon

   Do you know that colon is the internal body organ mostly neglected by most people? Therefore, it is not surprise that colon and rectal disease is the second cause of death in America and is the fastest growing cancer in Singapore. What about us in Malaysia? According to Jenny Chung, the Principal of a Colon Hydrotherapy Center, the Ministry of Health has reported that “As at 2010, colon cancer ranks No.1 among men and No. 2 among women in Malaysia.”

   What are the Causes? Doctors believe genetic factors play a part and anyone with a family member of colon rectal cancer has a higher risk. Another cause written by many dietary studies is a diet rich in animal fats and low in fruits and vegetables. The meat and fats whether smoked, barbecued or processed contain chemicals that is harmful and may be cancer causing. Smoking and drinking alcohol are other contributing factors. Unfortunately, more than 70% of Malaysian consumed diet high in meat and mucous forming food such as bread, noodles and food produced from white flour.

   What are the Effects? High intake of meat and processed flour promote layers of waste build up to the colon walls slowly creating a clogged colon. This is like rubbish piling up clogging a water pipe! If your bowel is inactive or constipated, the waste will build up much faster and will soon create a toxic clogged colon. Research has shown that an average person stores 5-25 pounds of accumulated waste in their colon. The undigested food, waste and chemical will rot and decay, releasing toxins into the bloodstream and transported to the entire body systems and organs. In short, a dirty colon is probably the underlying causes of your health problems, ageing and blemished skin, acne, rash, aches, overweight and pot belly in line with the common saying“Sickness begins in the Colon.”

   Those who have a history of constipation or unhealthy bowel are of higher risk as the clogged toxic colon is a precursor to many other health problems or even colon and rectal disease. For early detection, surgery to remove the cancerous part of the colon is recommended but for severe cases, combination of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy may be needed.

   Symptoms of Clogged or Toxic Colon are indigestion, abdominal gas, pot belly, menstrual problems, skin rashes, allergies, hemorrhoids, foul body odor, bad breath, headaches and irritable bowel. Many experiencing the above have benefited from colon cleansing. If unattended, toxins from an unhealthy colon may be constantly enters the bloodstream, get circulated throughout the body adversely affecting the function of the liver, kidney and lung making the person feel weak and tired. Jenny recommends colon cleansing, as the basic foundation or adjunct therapy with other eastern or western treatment for your ailments. If your colon is loaded with past toxic build-up and is constantly poisoning your bloodstream, affecting your digestion and absorption of nutrients, the effectiveness of your treatments will be discounted. However, if you already have blood in stools, anus bleeding or serious abdominal pain, do seek specialist treatment immediately.

Benefit of Colon Cleansing

   Benefits of Colon Cleansing Colon cleansing has been modernized with safe advance technological methods commonly known as Colon Hydrotherapy. It is an excellent and proven way using pure water to flush out toxic wastes, mucus plaque, dead tissues and bad bacteria to restore a healthy digestion, bowel elimination and nutrients absorption. You instantly feel light and less bloated after a colon hydrotherapy session and with few sessions; you will experience easier bowel movement, better skin complexion, improved energy and overall health.

   Colon hydrotherapy should be viewed as an effort to maintain a healthy colon. Such personal hygiene habit should be carried out at least once or twice a year to keep your internal body clean so as to provide a conducive environment for your organ to function better to restore good health. While we aim to eat healthily, we cannot deny more and more chemicals are loaded in our daily food and such unwanted chemicals should be flush out where possible.

Holistic Solution To Flush Out Toxins 

   Intestinal gas which caused discomfort and bloated tummy become a common complaint for most people over the age of 50 and may even earlier for some working adults. This is a signal of excessive toxic gas in the stomach and colon known as flatulence. It is a sign of poor digestion, bacteria reaction on undigested food, poor colony of good bacteria hence pose a higher risk for stomach, gallbladder, pancreatic and colon-rectal problems. At earlier stage, it does not pose any health risks but merely occasion discomfort associated with abdominal gas, constipation, low energy, overweight, body aches, dull and pimpled skin and skin inflammation.

   As we age, our body ability to produce enzymes drop substantially, hence lack of digestive enzymes to break down our food we eat. Some may lack of enzymes to digest lactose, the sugar in milk, resulting in production of gas in the colon while some may lack of other enzymes to digest other sugars and protein food.

   Such undigested food remains in our body and if not flushed out, gets accumulated and start to breed bacteria in the colon which continues to act on the incoming undigested food and the whole visual cycle continues until it become excessive and cause discomfort. Intestinal bacteria can even produce sulfide gas which is smelly too.

   The hazardous cycle starts when undigested food produces intestinal bacteria or even parasites to form toxic waste and gas in the colon. If a person does not have daily bowel or gets constipated easily when traveling, the toxic load are heavier and will leak out from the intestinal walls to the liver. If the liver is unable to neutralize these toxins, it will stored them in the liver while some are recycled - passing to the kidneys, lung and skin to be excreted, while some are stored in the lymphatic tissue, heart and skeletal muscles. The whole vicious “Toxic Stress Cycle” continues until degeneration and diseases occur.

Recommended Actions

   Since the root cause begins with incomplete digestion that burden the stomach, colon and liver, the most effective solution is to adopt a holistic approach to provide support to the stomach, colon and liver.

  The very first step to interrupt the toxic stress cycle is to cleanse the colon to minimize toxins being passed to the liver and other organs. Colonic treatment supervised by a certified therapist known as “Colon Hydrotherapy” is a safe and effective way to remove these long accumulated waste that remain in the body. Water travels into the colon to soften and flush out stagnated and excessive toxins, bad bacteria and dead cells stored in the colon. After colon cleansing, it is important to support the digestive system and detoxification function of the liver to minimize the toxic flow.


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