April 05, 2015

Issue VIII - April 2015


A P R I L  2 0 1 5

 T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

      God Thoth: Suffering from Blockages & Imbalances (with additional teaching about conscious living)
      Dale Decker: Potencies Part 2 (The Inner modes) 
           Traveling to Peru, a mystical experience by Barbara

           Benefits Of Running by Robbert-jan Rozenkruis

           Multidimensional Etiquette by Robert Hughey

           Gateway of the Traveler by Rayan Ranney

   I would like to know what Thoth has to say about people who have mental disorders, such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, regarding the need for medication. Is there any other way to help them? Or is finding a dose and type of medication that works for them the best we can expect? And what really causes the mind to "break" in such a way? (Question by Vera D)   
   In your society you often classify, separate and give labels to people who seem to be weak or do not fit in your social patterns.

    You try hard to find an explanation, to understand an act or a person or to find a remedy. What is your intention when you do this? Do you really understand the being that does not want to cooperate? How can you define a multidimensional being that exists partly on Earth but its major growth is on the astral plane? If you don't understand this being how do you know its growth and purpose? Now look at your remedies. Are they created for healing? Is it going to be effective when the same remedy is applied to many unique beings? If your truly care and you have a connection, you can heal others. Professional people whose job is to administer certain toxic substances as part of a remedy, do not connect, do not understand and they are not part of the being's growth. If you are pure in your intentions and you are able to connect to beings who find it hard to cope living in a certain social structure, you can communicate with them. Communication is very important because this way you exchange energy but you can also become aware of the imbalance and how it was created. Then the person who is suffering will be able to heal himself because the light is guiding him. Illusion can take many forms and penetrate life on Earth in many different ways. You can fight it with your purity and your pure intentions. Look beyond the reality that was constructed and presented it as truth.  

    Ask yourself, how can you truly assist somebody who is weak? What tools should you develop in order to approach them and give them a voice? Whatever remedy you choose, you need to ask yourself, is it truly beneficial or it comes with a price tag which is the pollution of the body. Most people on Earth who are weak, they are not able to cope with the social structure and its expectations. They cannot accept illusion and the way it affects people's life. They are pure and are desperately looking for purity around them. Give them a chance to find purity and this way you will find purity.   All diseases on Earth are man-made. Human beings suffer from blockages and imbalances which restrict the light to go through and naturally heal the whole being. These blockages affect different parts of the physical body and there are people whose mind is affected. People with psychological problems experience Earth's schism and most of the time are unable to accept illusion as reality. Normal people accept all forms of illusion and they are able to follow the path of artificiality and be part of the social structure. Your mental doctors call this healthy behaviour. There is another reason why some people have mental problems and this has to do with their contact with lower spirits. Lower spirits are feeding from people's energies and they exist in the aura of a being. If you want to help people you should connect to your true-self by healing your imbalances and blockages and then spread to cosmic light to others. All people on Earth suffer from the same disease; some of you have already seen the symptoms but many of you ignore the signs. Connecting to the light of the cosmos you can heal yourself and others who connect to you.

Done by communication between God Thoth & The messengers of Pantheon of Aeternam

Wisdom Of Thoth: Conscious Living

      During the golden era all plants and animals were fed by the light of the cosmos and the nutrients that can be found on Earth. All high beings that exist in higher planes and have a form of physical body are fed and nurtured the same way as the beings of the golden era on Earth.

      You must now that most of the food you are eating is polluted and some of it is poisoned. You are ignorant of what you eat and the effect that this has on your body because your understanding is fragmented. Illusion affects all parts of your life and food is an important part because it is directly connected with your existence on the planet. In areas where people are close to the Earth, they find it natural to cultivate and eat what grows on trees and plants including meat and dairy products. In the developed countries, there are people who call themselves vegetarians, vegans etc. in an attempt to become food conscious and maintain well-being. I would prefer to see beings cultivating there own food because this is a conscious life style that separates you from the global plan of destruction and disconnection from Earth.

      Most vegetarian and vegan people are still consuming polluted or artificial food which is available to them in their supermarkets. If people on Earth were evolved to high being, they would not eat meat because this goes against the creation process and blocks the light of the cosmos to create in you. In the third dimensional reality, eating meat was introduced when the vibration of the planet was low and the cosmic light was not able to nourish the being. I am not against people eating meat but I insist on people stop eating artificial and poisonous substances. Earth will have to go through many stages of development and growth and this will be reflected on the type of nourishment offered to her beings. Focusing on avoiding the polluted food which is mass produced is a big step towards growth.

In communication with God Thoth. Monday, 6 October 2014.Barbara and Robbert-jan Rozenkruis

   In the first article of this series we began with an investigation of the foundations that compose the entire physical plane in which we live, move, and have our being. Some of these foundations have a direct effect on our physical senses, and the other foundations which are the realms of matter behind all the perceptible phenomena do not. The modes of perception needed to identify these realms of matter working in the physical world of gases, liquids, and solids can be directed to detect their manifestations within the first three(counting upwards) sub-planes of the physical plane, but to detect the four etheric sub-planes more specialised internal modes of perception are required to be awakened and developed. These special modes of perception were and are still used by a select few to perceive and investigate the subjects that will be discussed in this article of the series which will deal with esoteric thought and teaching that surpasses the boundaries of certain fields of the sciences as they are known today.

   So how do these select few awaken, develop, and enter these modes of perception to investigate such subjects as will be discussed in this article and the next, subjects like the origins of the four etheric forces and their primal beginnings in our solar system when it awakened and began its long evolutionary journey in fields of manifestation that now reside within our physical plane, and are in no way separated from it? How is it that the boundaries of present-day science becomes surpassed by occult investigation? 

   To answer these two questions we will have to briefly say for now that everything that we can perceive with our physical senses is subject to periodicity or time, and all things have their origins in eternity, but our five external senses cannot perceive the origins of things out of eternity unless certain modes of more specialised cognitive modes of perception that lie dormant in all peoples becomes awakened and developed, then we can perceive the eternal origins and destinations of all things that vanish from our external senses in time. It is through these special modes of perception that anyone can consciously travel(with physical body intact on the physical plane in present time) so far into the remote past that the number of equivalent solar years on the physical plane would be billions of years.    

   When someone accesses these special modes of perception all the boundaries of time that one is accustomed to in the physical world are broadened on a vast and unlimited scale, and then one is able to perceive things from the extreme remote past that cannot be perceived by the physical senses. In these other modes of perception they perceive the things that time as we know it cannot do away with. When one is able to enter these other modes of perception to investigate things that have occurred beyond the boundaries of time perceived by the external senses on the physical plane one enters the centers of consciousness located within the sphere of the mind. Here one can actually enter into realities that once manifested on the physical plane in past-time, physical external realities that have become embedded in modes of perception or centers of consciousness that can only be accessed when external perception of the senses switches over to internal perception that relies on a set of different senses that are located within the sphere of the mind which does not depend upon our external senses and its relation to the standard memory function of things that disappear in time on the physical plane. These internal senses can be compared to the ocular, auditory, and tactile senses of the eyes, ears and entire body, but in this internal world within the sphere of the mind they are not limited by the boundaries of time and space as the external senses are on the physical plane. In regards to what was said in this paragraph it is important to keep in mind that these internal modes of perception of the extreme remote past can be at times inaccurate and that one can have experiences that appear distorted and full of error because no one can be free from it no matter how internally their inner senses described here are awakened and evolved. The great difference lies in the fact here that these internal modes of perception will always perceive much further then any type of external perception of the five physical senses. So the select few who do awaken, and utilise these inner modes of perception to internally live in these realities that disappeared out of the realm of time on the physical plane in the extreme remote past can only know and realise that their perceptions into these internal worlds are accurate when they are compared with similar internal perceptions of the extreme remote past experienced by other select pockets of individuals that have passed through the same processes, experiences and what they internally observed during their time and place on the physical plane. These select pockets of individuals are the initiates of the ancient mystery-schools right on up to the genuine occult circles of the present time.    

   One of the greatest aspects of genuine occultism is the study and perceptual observance of the unseen manifestations in which all seen manifestations observed by the physical senses have their origins. These unseen manifestations are called worlds, planes, spheres, and they produce rarely if any stimulus within the apparatuses of the senses that we utilise to perceive the concrete world or sphere called the physical plane. Why is this so? Within each and everyone one of us there are dormant glandular senses which exist within the brain, along with energy centers in certain locations in the body which also have their corresponding effects that aid in opening up these dormant senses within the spheres of our minds so that we can perceive these unseen manifestations in which all the physical perceptual phenomenon from grains of sand to universes along with all things in between come into our range of awareness as the contents of the physical plane. For the greater part of humanity the unseen manifestations in which all seen manifestations have their origins is non-existent and imperceptible as physical objects with all their colors are to someone who is born blind or has temporarily lost their eyesight, but to the active occultist who has awakened and developed some or all of the dormant senses mentioned above, it is then that perception of the unseen manifestations in which all seen manifestations have their origins becomes perceptible. So when these imperceptible realms become perceptible through proper methods via esoteric training then one may come to realise that these unseen manifestations are really within their own selves and within all the physical phenomenon that are physical senses allow us to be aware of. It is here where the occult knowledge and utilization of the well known planes or higher worlds comes into play.   

    In the occult school before esoteric training takes place the student is taught many subjects regarding their own inner worlds which are also the same inner worlds in which all physical phenomenon have their origins, these inner worlds are the planes which we must always keep in mind that they are modes of perception or spheres of being where many various kinds of activities are taking place simultaneously with the activities of the perceptible physical plane. In regards to the origins of the four etheric sub-planes of the physical plane we will designate the seven planes of perception for our discussion here in which the first lesson to learn here is that everything we have around us contains the seven planes each having seven sub-planes with its various forms of matter and forces that are within all the physical forms we can detect with the physical senses. There are two ways which the planes and their sub-planes can be understood and perceived. As we live on the physical plane with our five senses directed to sense the surrounding external environment as we are most familiar with as our objective consciousness of the physical plane, we sense the multitudes of physical objects all around us, between all those objects there is an infinite array of pockets of empty space that surrounds these objects, between you and a wall in your home there is empty space if there is no objects there between you and that wall, between you and the earths upper atmosphere there is also empty space which all belongs to our perception of the physical plane. Also within this empty space here on the physical plane all the other planes and their sub-planes permeate this empty space outside ourselves. The other way of understanding it is that all the seven planes with their sub-planes permeate the interior part of the outer physical plane, so within ourselves and within all things and around ourselves and around all things we have the seven planes and their seven sub-planes giving us a total of 49 modes of perception within ourselves and within all things as well as around ourselves and around all things. Within the physical plane and on its surface the other planes are within each other and the inner most one is the purest form of its conscious-energy-life side whether it be inside or outside of a grain of sand or a universe and all things in between, so with this said a grain of sand or a universe and all things in between also have their own inner worlds or planes which are intimately connected with the planes that permeate their exterior manifestation and how we perceive it. A simple little exercise called the flashing color exercise may help one understand how the planes permeate our interior and exterior worlds. Lets take a sheet of red paper and cut out a perfect equilateral triangle and then place this red triangle within our visual range, then fix our gaze into the center of the red triangle for several moments and then direct our gaze to any other location. What we would then see as if materialised within the air the shape of the same triangle but instead the color within it would be green. What we have done here is that we have utilised our consciousness to perceive something within two other planes of perception other then the physical plane, the form of the triangle is formed of mental substance from the mental plane and the green color that permeates the inside of the triangle is substance that resides within the astral plane. If we closed our eyes we would see the same thing, if we would wave our hands through this outward appearance we would not feel anything tactile because what we are perceiving does not belong to the world of solids on the physical plane where we have our tactile sensation we know so well when we touch things with our hands. With this little simple exercise we also learn that all the seven planes with their seven sub-planes each permeate the interior and exterior levels of being and the two are really one.    

   In the first article in this series we became familiar with the lowest or outermost plane the physical plane with its seven sub-planes which constitutes that plane in its entirety, when we go further inward we come to another or the second plane the astral plane or world of formation with its seven sub-planes of increasingly finer matter. Within a human being the astral body and plane is that region which is not a separate place as it is an internal condition where our various degrees of our emotional activity originates and throughout our lives we are constantly developing this emotional or astral body. Intellect and thought activity exists in a much more subtle layer of matter then the emotions, as they originate from the mental body within the mental plane which has its effects on the astral body, as well as on the etheric physical body. Astral matter exists within the physical world and it occupies all space within all objects and if we dive deep into occult research we can study the nature of positive and negative atoms and how they operate within these modes of perception. In a positive atom astral energy comes from the astral world through the positive atom and enters the positive atoms of the four etheric sub-planes of the physical plane and becomes physical plane matter, in the negative atom physical plane force passes through the negative atoms through each of the four etheric sub-planes and into the negative atoms into the astral plane where it becomes astral matter. We may be then able to learn some pretty profound facts about how energies are flowing through these subtle states of matter, and how a grain of sand, a human body, our physical universe, and all things in between are passing in and out of our field of awareness. In a human being the astral world takes on much greater tasks then just working with our etheric counterpart on the physical plane to mould our physical bodies or developing our emotional natures which is a development of astral substance. Our astral body links our physical outer plane with its own plane, and from their into other modes or planes of perception that lie further within its special region of perception within the sphere of the mind. In the immensity of our own universe and all that it contains physically it to has its own astral counterpart within itself. So now we can combine the astral counterparts of the grain of sand, the human being, and the universe with all physical things in between we then have the astral plane in its entirety with all its contents which are the astral counterparts of things on the physical plane, the only difference here is that the laws working on the physical plane are not the same as the laws working on the astral plane and its sub-planes. Within the astral world our perception in its various sub-planes manifest in two distinct classes from each other. When we enter the lowest regions of the first, second, third, and fourth sub-planes we would perceive things and living beings like they are in the physical world but we would not perceive our physical bodies there or any impulses coming from our physical bodies as we do on the physical plane, we would only be able to perceive its scenery in the form of vision, hearing, along with some tactile sensations similar to what we experience while dreaming when are physical bodies are at rest. On the fifth sixth, and seventh sub-planes scenery begins to take on very different appearances that cannot be compared to any earth scenery. If we were to enter the vastness of the astral plane to perceive its contents we may do so by transferring our consciousness into an object such as our grain of sand, we then can become conscious of being inside the grain of sand and perceiving the astral world within it, we would be able to perceive its actual weight, and feel what its like to be in a position amongst millions of other grains of sand. This takes place in the first class of sub-planes of the astral plane, if we pass into the second class of sub-planes we would be able to perceive its astral atoms transmitting energies which would have the aggregated appearance of a vast ocean of spinning luminous particles with streams of energy passing through them as it passes from one sub-plane to the next. There is also a method(which will be explained in later articles in this series) in which the chemical-tone ether aspect of the etheric body when loosened from the physical body can be utilised to travel into these lower astral sub-planes to perceive the astral counterparts of the physical regions of our planet and all its inhabitants. This method can also be used to perceive the astral counterparts of celestial objects in our solar system where things that are beyond physical description can be witnessed such as the intelligent life that dwells within the astral counterparts of physical planets that have no physical existence on those planets.   

   The further inward we go and the more we know about our inner selves we come to the mental plane which is the mode of perception which is called the plane of creation, it is the plane of our thoughts and also consists of seven sub-regions The mental plane in its entirety is a state of refined matter that also interpenetrates into our physical plane and now we may begin to realise that the mental, and astral planes are utilised to materialise their substance into denser forms of matter which composes the etheric-physical plane such as a grain of sand, a human body, within our universe, along with all things in between. The mental body of an individual person is shaped like an oval which consists of seven grades of matter which forms mental substance. For the sake of describing what processes take place within these inner regions we will have to chose some proper terms to grasp these processes. Within the three higher sub-planes of the mental plane we find the region of original patterns of all things that have not formed a specific shape, and they descend into the four lower levels of the mental plane which consist of these four divisions of mental matter. When we get to know our own mental bodies through esoteric exercises of concentration you will begin to realise that it has the shape of an ovoid sphere, its higher regions are the regions of positive inspiring thoughts, the lower regions of this sphere are where we perceive our lowest most negative thoughts. The majority of people think that all their thoughts and ideas are their own but they do not really create their own thoughts because ideas are already in existence even when people are not in existence(un-born). 

   Thoughts are living entities that exist independently on the mental plane which are present when those minds who can receive them are not present in a physical body on the physical plane. Living persons can only make new combinations of thoughts that they receive in an uncontrolled manner which already exist within the mental plane. Here we have the situation where the mass majority of thinking controls all minds because most people do not control thought, they are like slaves to their thought processes just as much as they are slaves to the sense apparatus of the physical body, as the mental body is also a sense organ in itself which can be developed through esoteric training. Just sit back for a minute or two and try to hold onto a single thought and sense or feel the great difficulty in trying to do so, perceive how the inflow of other thoughts try to intrude upon the thought your focusing on, or even try to empty the mind of all thought and focus on a clear mental sphere and you will feel the surge of force carrying the thoughts within its mental substance trying to enter your sphere of mind. Persistent simple concentration exercises like this are very important prerequisites for advancement in esoteric training, it allows us to gain control of the mind without the use of the physical senses, and it helps us surpass the mundane existence of experiencing a dormant mental capacity. Through esoteric training we can become aware of the effects of negative emotions and the impurities that they form within the lower regions of the mind which prevent the influences coming in from the higher regions of the mind, like the crystal clear faculty of intuition or a wave of force coming from the other planes which is received as mental pictures or thoughts of knowledge which transcends our normal daily input from the physical senses. We can reach a point where we will develop a growing awareness of eternal duration within an infinite vastness where all things are becoming this and becoming that, an awareness of physical phenomena in the form of mental pictures that were produced, and various combinations of them that are coming into existence now to produce new combinations. To have this type of awareness we will come to realise that the centers of our consciousness is located in the mind and it can be centered within our etheric, astral, mental, or within the archetypal bodies(a plane further within the mental plane which will we will get to in this article), each perceiving within their own inner mode or plane of perception. Through esoteric training the astral body can become the center of consciousness and with further development our consciousness can be transferred to a distant place. By carefully concentrating our thoughts upon a certain location a force is created within the higher regions of the mind and our thoughts go to that certain location, no matter how far it may be, but yet our awareness is still within the sphere of our minds. In the majority of minds consciousness remains within the physical body on the physical plane while they have these thoughts of distant locations, but if the higher regions of the mind are active to be able to perceive what the astral body perceives within its own mode of perception to unite with our thoughts then it is when our consciousness is centered there as a result of the potency of the volition(as a result of carrying out this choice) within our own selves that we utilise daily for existing as living beings, the stronger our will-power is the easier it becomes to enter this other mode of perception. It would be a conscious awareness of visiting a distant location and becoming aware of being and acting in that location as a result of our astral bodies perception impressing itself within the higher regions of the mind. Through esoteric training the perceptions within the sphere of the mind can be broadened or be as vast as the universe we live in if the effort is made to develop the dormant functions within it. The continuous and profound manifestations that we can experienced within the inner planes are limitless and can have a tremendous impact on our lives, and if we open up to them by awakening them, studying them, and developing them we can learn information about many unrecognised potentials that are concealed within our physical bodies which serve as their vehicles here on the physical plane.

   Now we come to the last cognisable plane, or the last phase of matter before it vanishes into its energetic modes of existence on planes which are further within the planes of the various states of matter that permeate the physical-etheric, astral, mental, and the fourth plane called the archetypal plane in which we will now discuss. So far we have explored the various forms of matter that exists within the physical plane and brings it into existence and sustains it within our own selves and everything around us. Now we come to the final mode of the perception of matter in its original patterns, models, or prototypes from which all material things of the same kind are copied, or which they are based in which material things on the more outer or lower planes have their origins. This is what can be called the archetypal plane and it to is divided into seven sub-planes of the most subtle matter, subtle to the point that it would have the appearance of being in the color white but with no dimensions, it would be like standing in this color and being permeated within in it, if you were to look to the left, or right, up or down, front, or back it would be nothing but the color white, you would feel a sensation of heat there in this same manner as perceiving this whiteness, heat coming from all directions. To get a direct perception of our consciousness on this plane while on the outer physical plane it is necessary that we become familiar with the condition of dreamless sleep. What do we usually sense during this condition? We usually sense nothing but a state of separation between waking and sleeping, a separation which is perceived as a deep black self-oblivion that our consciousness is plunged into during deep sleep, here we are in the archetypal plane but we cannot perceive any of its contents because our perceptive faculties within the sphere of the mind are at rest, and the switch of our perception is turned off. But it is possible with esoteric training to enter the archetypal plane with the switch of our perception turned on when we are awake to perceive the contents therein. 

   First we should ask ourselves what is an archetype of a thing that exists on the physical plane, astral plane, and mental plane? If you imagine something existing in the archetypal plane before it exists within the other outer or lower planes you will have an image of an archetype that does not have a corresponding part in the mental, astral, or physical planes. On this plane of perception these archetypes exist for all things on the outer physical plane as well as in the inner astral and mental planes. People who only live and perceive with their physical senses will never be able to perceive the existence of the archetypal plane, they can only be aware of their own dim abstract thoughts, and think that archetypes are only abstract thoughts that can be compared to things only perceived in the physical world. When we enter the archetypal plane fully conscious we will find that everything there is in constant activity, constant motion, and this rapid motion would be perceived as this veil of limitless whiteness mentioned earlier. Some could and often compared this whiteness to a sea of light, and that they were this sea of light simultaneously present at every point within it but yet at the same time they are an awareness moving through this sea of light. Even if this sea of light is not inwardly perceived, and we have an awareness that has no limits, where we are at the same time moving through that awareness we are perceiving the archetypal plane. This is the first sub-plane of the archetypal world within the highest region of abstract thought on the mental plane or its seventh sub-plane as both these sub-planes interpenetrate within each other. In the lowest region of the archetypal world the archetypes of things(minerals, plants, animals, and human beings) that are on the physical plane can be perceived when one becomes accustomed to perceiving there. The appearance of the archetypes there would look like what they do on the physical plane but only their outlines would be perceived as being hollow or empty and around those hollowed outlines there would be a wide array of different forms that are related to this hollowed outline in different ways. On perceiving them you would become aware of becoming them, and seeing your own archetypal form surrounded by different forms related to your hollowed out space, and you would instantly feel the feelings of the mineral, plant, animal, or human being on the physical plane through their archetype there on the archetypal plane, or in other words you consciously become them. Instances have been known through esoteric training, and the proper meditative techniques that human archetypes can appear on this first sub-plane as they do on the physical plane, and transposition of consciousness takes place automatically, and you enter the consciousness of the being that is encountered there in the archetypal mode of perception, and you experience yourself within the consciousness of another, and see yourself there through someone else*s eyes where you feel what they feel when you are within them perceiving your own archetype there. The second sub-plane archetypes take on the appearance of a living unity and everything here is permeated with a red luminous substance(and sometimes other colors) that flows like liquid. Here the creative forces for everything on the physical plane appear as archetypes, and their unity is expressed through various colors specifically red which is generated from the omnipresent warmth on this plane which is connected with the warmth ether sub-plane of the physical plane. On the third sub-plane of the archetypal plane we find the archetypes of things that permeate the astral, and mental planes. Here we perceive things in a much more subtle manner then the first two sub-planes of the archetypal plane, here we experience a type of atmosphere where everything that is taking place on the mental and astral planes has its archetypes here, all our feelings, instincts, emotions, sensations have their primal origins within this field of perception. The archetypes of the fourth sub-plane of the archetypal plane are not related to the manifestations going on within the mental and astral worlds, instead these archetypes influence the archetypes of the three lower sub-planes of this plane, they intervene by attracting other archetypes to each other, and making combinations out of them. On the fifth, sixth, and seventh sub-planes of the archetypal plane things take on quite a different role because the archetypes located there provide the archetypes in the lower-previous-outer sub-planes(of this plane) with the impulses that they need to perform their activities within their modes of existence which can be perceived, and experienced by the transposition of our consciousness on this plane.  

   Now beyond all this which has been mentioned we are ready to cross a threshold that connects the planes of matter in its various degrees with the planes of energy in which the planes of matter have their origins. Now we will enter regions where our perceptions of matter, time, and space vanish into the gulfs of eternity, and infinity where nothing sleeps, or awakens, but perceives itself in endless duration, conscious motion, within infinite space. Here the everything resides within these three higher planes as forms of energy without any material manifestations for the exterior mode of perception. Here matter in all its diversity passes through a disappearing point. First we have physical plane matter with solids, liquids, and gases, and the four ethers, then we have astral matter, then mental matter, then archetypal matter, and we see here how further inward we go within our own selves these various types of matter becomes less dense until its final density is reached within the seventh sub-plane of the archetypal world where it then passes into its vanishing point to reach its various states of matter within energy in which these three higher planes consist of. When it reaches the last sub-plane of the seventh plane it becomes pure energy with matter in a less active condition within it which is the opposite pole of its corresponding plane of pure matter with energy in it performing its small functions there in the atomic world to keep matter together in the world of solids here on the physical plane. Between these two poles of pure matter and pure energy we have the etheric, astral, mental, and archetypal poles of matter within physical matter, and when we pass beyond the archetypal plane matter begins to enter its energetic states after it has passed the disappearing point above or further within passed the archetypal plane.

   If we could reduce air, and all other types of gases to a pure primordial energy state we would see flashes of light similar to what lightning produces in the atmosphere, we would be able to perceive that plane where this first disappearing point of differentiated matter has its limitless boundary on this fifth plane of perception. So for the sake of not causing to much confusion we will omit the traditional Sanskrit words(see list below) that are used to name these last three planes. The first four planes already described(in this article and the first article) deal with forms, here we are now entering the planes that deal with the formless, here the appearance of things like they are in all the planes of form ceases, so we will call this fifth plane the first disappearing point. It too as seven sub-planes which are very different then the sub-planes within the four planes of form, here the last distinction between sub-planes manifests, in the two planes beyond this one their is no distinction in appearance of the sub-planes. If we were to enter this plane consciously we would only be able to access the first five sub-planes of this plane where we would experience a continuum of consciousness in a state of no becoming, only total omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence, its like a pure stream of radiance that has the same appearance of lightning, if we were to enter a lighting bolt and exist therein and perceive nothing else but the color(of a lightning bolt) we would be perceiving the appearance of this plane. The two higher sub-planes of this first disappearing-point plane, along with the sixth and seventh planes is inaccessible to human perception. The only way we can have an understanding of it is if we study the deep occult mysteries of what goes on between death and rebirth which requires a conscious experience of life between incarnations.   

    If we could reduce water, and all liquids into their first primordial energy state we would be able to perceive the sixth plane, or the second disappearing point of differentiation in the world of liquids as a substance. The appearance of this plane, and its sub-planes would leave very little room for any distinction only for the fact that in each of its sub-planes the differentiation of all liquid substances in which water as its main substance is becoming undifferentiated inside of the primordial atomic energy in which it originates, it would probably only have the appearance of blinding white light throughout this entire plane. If you could reduce all the blood in your body to this condition of primordial energy that permeates this second-disappearing point plane it would vaporize all the liquids within the physical plane on the entire globe instantly. Here within these higher planes there is no existence of a past, present or future as these conditions or time references would all be one and the same like an eternal duration.   If you could reduce all solids into their first primordial energy state we would be able to perceive within the third disappearing point plane where there is also no distinction between its seven sub-planes. The reason for this no distinction between its sub-planes is that atomic nature is vibrating in such a way that its undifferentiated waves of energy are rapidly coming from the last two sub-planes of the fifth plane, and the sub-planes of the sixth plane, and uniting with the energy waves of the undifferentiated movement of the atoms on the seventh plane which are going in one limitless direction and reducing matter from the world of solids into further states of energy. If this plane could be perceived you would not perceive this process taking place, you would only perceive light that would be brighter then the suns light. One clue to the nature of this plane is to be found in sunlight which is electromagnetic radiation released out of the enclosed mass-energy of a star through nuclear fusion, the same type of mass energy that is locked up in a solid. A small piece of matter has enough locked in energy within it to move a mountain if all the mass energy within it were released, it would only take about 80 kg of released mass energy to obliterate a continent and have a devastating effect on surrounding ones. The seventh plane here is like a limitless eternal unity and the sixth, along with the fifth planes are like small unities within it, they are like two partial synthesis within a greater synthesis, a greater synthesis that encloses them with its limitlessness.

    Matter and energy are really one union, in different stages of development, within the seven planes of universal matter-energy, and anyone could make a diagram of the seven-planes along with their sub-planes which would have the appearance of layers stacked one on top of the other, but this is not so because the seven planes along with their sub-planes interpenetrate so that they can exist in the same infinite space, in conscious motion, throughout eternal duration. We can understand the existence of the seven-planes coexisting with ours if we understand that astral atoms are much more subtle then physical ones, and mental atoms are much more subtle then astral ones and so on. Within the spaces between the electron and proton of the physical atom there is enough space for an astral atom to manifest, and within an astral atom there is enough space within its structure for a mental atom to have its existence. Everything we have around us and within us contains the seven planes, and what manifests on a certain plane has a manifestation on the physical plane to a certain degree, it maybe perceptible to the physical senses or it maybe to subtle or out of range for physical sense perception.    

   Now we have some basic ideas of what other modes of perception are which will be necessary for understanding the next article in this series which will cover the subject of our planet coming into material existence through these planes as a result of other cosmic phenomena in our solar system prior to our planets existence, and how the four etheric forces mentioned in the first article in this series came into existence to shape our physical globe as it is, and how they operate within it, and around it at the present time.

The list below shows some classifications(with the terms I used in this article), along with Sanskrit and other esoteric terms for the seven-planes that are standard terms used in the esoteric or occult school.


 Physical-Etheric Plane/Jagrat

Astral Plane/Desire-Emotional World/Swapna Mental 

Plane/Manas/Devachan/Causal World Archetypal 

Plane/Buddhic/Shushupti/Intuitional Plane


1st Vanishing Point/Fifth Plane/Nirvana/Atma/Spiritual Plane 

2nd Vanishing Point Plane/Sixth Plane/Paranirvana/Anupadaka/The Monadic Plane 

 3rd Vanishing Point Plane/Seventh Plane/Maha-Para-Nirvana/Adi/The Logos

C o p y r i g h t   by   D A L E   D E C K E R  2015

   From the breath-taking summits of the Andes Mountains to the all mighty Amazon, Peru is the homeland of several prominent Andean civilizations, with the Incas certainly the most notable one. The cultural capital of Peru is seen by many as the town of Cusco where the foundation of traditional Incan heritage and culture is the most evident.   

 According to Inca mythology life on Earth was originated in Lake Titicaca and its forty-one islands. The largest of all are the Isla del Sol which was regarded the home of the supreme Sun god Inti and the Island of the moon (Isla de la Luna), the legendary home of the moon goddess Mama Quila. The indigenous tribe Uros which predates the Inca civilizations has lived on the Titicaca islands for many centuries. According to legend, the tribe of Uros have existed since the early times of creation. It is believed that during the golden age, they had supernatural abilities which they lost when they went against the cosmic laws.   

 It is believed that there was a time that the world experienced tremendous floods which plunged Earth into darkness and extreme cold. Then the creator god Viracocha arose from the Lake Titicaca and travelled to the islands of the Sun and the Moon. He commanded the Sun god Inti, the Moon goddess Mama Quila and the stars to send light on Earth. Then he went to Tiahuanaco, a sacred city which is believed to be the oldest ruins on the planet, to create the first human beings Malcu Kapac and Mama Ocllo.    

The natives of this region speak of the existence of a “Gate away to the land of the gods.” In ancient times the great heroes of the area were able to join the gods and enjoy immortality, going through a mysterious door-like structure in the Hayu Marca mountain region near Lake Titicaca, which has long venerated by the locals as the entrance of the “City of the Gods.” This area is known as the “Valley of the spirits” or “Stone Forest” made of unusual rock formations that resemble beings, animals and artificial structures. The door or the “Puerta de Hayu Marca” has been carved out of natural rock which measures exactly 23’ in height and width with a smaller alcove in the centre at the base which measures at just under 6’ in height. It is believed that the “Puerta de Hayu Marca”, the “Gate of the Sun” at Tiahuanaco and five other ancient sites are linked by unseen lines which cross over the Lake Titicaca. Lake Titicaca is in fact a mega vortex which has several portals used to receive and transmit energy. This vortex carries both the feminine energies, leading to the archetypal marriage of the two.    

Even before I travelled to Peru, I was aware of its sacred sites; I had several visions regarding my trip to Peru and great knowledge and insight was shared with me. During a meditation, I was approached by one of my guides. We held hands and started moving around like we were dancing. The movement became faster and faster and generated energy which transformed us into geometrical shapes similar to the letter S. Then we were lifted up in the sky and found ourselves travelling above the Andes. We landed to an area close to Lake Titicaca and the local people were instantly aware of us. My guide and I became one energy. Children and elderly rejoiced our arrival and walked through our energetic field, in other to raise their vibration, receive healing and achieving oneness. This was one of my astral travels to Peru which helped me to re-connect to the powerful energetic field of the Andes.    

When I was planning my trip, I thought it will be more beneficial to allow synchronicity to shape events in present time than having it all pre-planned. I arrived in Lima a warm April evening. I have many great memories from my stay in the capital; its archaeological sites, colonial architecture, museums, its leafy streets with its shops and restaurants all nestling between the Pacific ocean and the rivers Rimac and Lurin create a magnificent picture of a modern and historical capital.    

While I was there, I tried to work out a route to Cusco but it seemed that nothing was going smoothly. Flooding, transport strikes, no flight availability made me to believe that I will not be able to reach my destination and fulfil the purpose of my trip. I decided to meditate, go to a deep state of peace and be open to receive guidance. I was told to leave my room and I will find what I need; my path is open.   

 The next day, I was on a plane to Cusco. I was transferred to my hotel where I had my first mystic experience. I was in my room looking into the bathroom where I saw a blue light. Then I saw many different colour lights moving in the room. The lights started to form various multidimensional shapes which switched on and off and constantly were replaced by new ones. The whole room was filled with these colourful interchanging shapes and this lasted for about half an hour. My body could not take the high energies generated in the room and I almost collapsed. In my dreams that night, I saw myself flying over the Peruvian mountains and landing at the top of Machu Picchu where I saw a cross of light. I remembered that the cross is a symbol with a broader meaning which was known before Christianity. Then I saw several entities falling from the sky and reach the Machu Picchu. One of them started talking to me. I felt my heart beating very fast. I said that my body cannot cope with the vibration and I asked to meet the entity in the astral plane but the entity refused. I was told that it will be more beneficial to me if the communication takes place in the physical plane.    

The next few days of my trip were devoted to sightseeing. The view of the Peruvian mountains was breath-taking. I could feel a strong energetic field spreading over the whole area. I looked at the mountain in front of me when I saw a huge shadow covering the whole mountain. The shadow was the body of a multidimensional being. I saw the being moving and displaying expression. The first message I was able to decode is Greetings. I understood that this powerful and friendly being who was guarding the area and had a message to communicate. The being asked me to go up the path and go through a perfect trapezoid door which was chiselled out of the mountain; I later found out that it was called Amaru Punku or the Door of the Serpent. I was told to stay under the doorframe where I received an energy of great empowerment penetrating my being. I felt my whole body growing stronger, my aura expanding and my whole being radiating in harmony. I stayed there for several minutes, absorbing the energy and transforming in great speed. In that state, I received guidance: we want you to throw your anchor into Peru because this is your starting point, a place where you will experience enlightenment and understand the universal law. I recognized that I am called to use my knowledge to help myself and others to experience a great awareness, transcendence, enlightenment and union with the source.

Any form of physical activity is good for your health, so why choose running over other types of exercise?

   Anyone can do it. Running is accessible. Almost anyone can put on a pair of trainers and become a regular runner, although you might need to start with walking, and build up your speed and distance gradually.   

Running is cheap and easy. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment (just a decent pair of trainers) and you can run anywhere that is safe to walk. It’s time efficient too because you don’t need to travel anywhere before you can start.   It keeps you fit. Running and other forms of cardiovascular exercise are a great way to increase your fitness because they raise your heart rate, giving your heart muscle an effective workout and improving your circulation. Increased aerobic capacity will make everyday activities, such as running for a bus or walking up the stairs, easier. It will also reduce your risk of heart attacks, angina, high blood pressure and stroke.   

Running is a great way to stay in shape. A person weighing 60kg burns an average of 300 calories per half an hour of running at a speed of 10 minutes per mile, using more energy than many other forms of exercise. Once you start running regularly, your body composition will change. You will lose fat and your lean muscle tissue will build up.   

Running, along with other weight-bearing exercise, helps to build strength in your bones. This is especially beneficial for teenagers, whose bones are still developing. In adults, it may help to slow down the natural loss of bone density that happens with age.   

There are many benefits of exercise for mental health. Runners sometimes talk about the ‘runner's high’ – feelings of elation, energy and a sense of harmony during or after a run. Whether you want to go in search of the ‘runner’s high’ or not, there is evidence that exercise can improve sleep and may also boost your mood and self-esteem, as well as relieve stress.   

Many runners view their regular runs as time to escape from a hectic lifestyle. The fresh air, rhythmic pace and regular breathing are relaxing, and running alone or with friends can give you the feeling of freedom and leaving your troubles behind you.   

There are several elements to fitness, including flexibility and strength, as well as cardiovascular fitness. Running is good for leg strength and cardiovascular fitness, but it’s important to do some upper body workouts, such as free weights, and include some stretching to maintain your flexibility.   

 Overdoing any single activity can result in an overuse injury. 

Cross-training (ie, any exercise other than running, if you’re a runner) will strengthen other muscles and help prevent injuries.    

Running can become an obsessive activity, with some people focussing on weekly mileage and fitting runs in at any cost.    

To reap the benefits for your mind and body, keep your running in perspective and enjoy it as part of a full, active lifestyle.

Proper Etiquette of a Multidimensional Being in a Multidimensional World

    As this current phase of Transition and Change (this "Great Shift" in human consciousness) continues to accelerate and, one might say, get more "interesting" each day, I have noticed some unique issues many beings encounter repeatedly. These "issues" are basically caused by improper behavior and choices for how one multidimensional being appropriately interacts with another. This is, in my opinion, easily avoidable. I see all around me how People keep circling the same issues, and I believe this is repeated attempts of the Gods and the "Powers-that-Are" to teach and show us how to treat each other in the multiverse we are so instrumental in creating, influencing, serving and growing within. At first glance, the issues might seem Karma-related, but they are rather ways of showing us how our energies affect others.

One such problem is the matter of the so-called "personal reality" many beings are creating within the matrix of "reality" here on the Planet Earth. As the human race is continually elevated in consciousness and dimensionality, and as many of us embrace our multidimensionality, we become more and more powerful as energetic lifeforms. "As if we weren't already powerful enough," comes a message from one of the Gods working with me currently to write this article.

   Why is the level of power we exhibit even important? Well, it's a matter of what happens when one multi-dimensional energetic being (such as a human) projects energies onto another multidimensional being (be that being an energetic lifeform in a different plane such as a God, or another human being too).

   There are many ways we can project energies onto other beings. We do this unconsciously with our expectations, with our presuppositions and stereotypes and with our opinions about matters involving them but not us. These are all easily avoided by simply releasing the energies of those matters and allowing the beings they are directed toward to then release or sever the ties that such energetic projections create.

   In our current world, these sorts of multidimensional projects can actually affect what kind of reaction or action one receives from energetic lifeforms or even other humans here in the world. Many of the Gods and advanced energetic life (such as the Angels) are constantly streaming, cleansing and purifying light/energy onto us and our world to help us break through the bonds that such multidimensional projections have locked us into. This is just one method our previous controllers would use to control us, but the time of such control has passed, and it's time to step forward in liberation as who we really are in a multidimensional Omniverse.

   But we have to make sure we have proper Etiquette first! Things to avoid for each other are one thing, but things to avoid when dealing with energetic forms of life such as the Gods of the various planes are another thing entirely. Some of the Gods have mythology or stories about them that have been recorded. These are almost entirely fictional to their core, but many of the energy beings looking for a framework to come down to Earth to help it have used our mythology to help define who they are for us.

   The sad aspect of this incorrect analysis of the situation that spawned the mythologies is that these beings were such that they did not have any sort of "definition" or "compartmentalizing" aspects before coming to Earth and they are still here amongst us locked in by our old definitions that do not actually or accurately define the beings they represent. There are beings that have been labeled as "evil Gods" or "false Gods" that are truly energies or energetic lifeforms that have come to Earth for quite different reasons than mankind originally assumed. They came here at the bequest of the planet Herself, in her cry out for help in saving Her Children, the divine life on and within Her.

   The easiest way you can help free Humanity from some of these bonds (that are fading already in this new energy) is to simply change your mind about what you have assumed about other people, other lifeforms, other locations in the world, other religions and other ideas about spirituality. Look at your life first-hand and think about your own first-hand interaction with other members of the People, other life here on Earth, other locations and lands and interactions with Spirit or Gods in particular. Use the actual interaction to be your guidepost, as I pretty much guarantee that what one may think was actually transpiring was not what was actually transpiring.

   It's relative to a group of doctors standing around a patient in a recovery room asking for a patient to wake up. The patient might believe there are monsters standing around him when actually it is simply concerned professionals seeking to check on the patient and aid in his healing.

   Actually, that last analogy isn't too far off from what humanity and the Earth Herself are experiencing right now from many different kinds of "professionals" here to guide and assist in all of our healings, attunements and alignments, for mankind as well as for the Earth Herself. Ultimately, this is but one more thing we can do to aid in the healing of Earth, which should be one of our top priorities as aiding Earth also aids us in our own growth and healing.

C o p y r i g h t  by  R o b b e r t  W i l e y  H u g h e y  2 0 1 5

                             How can mankind see the perception
                                            Of their perception
                                            Between the common two worlds?

                                            With eyes that cannot see
                                            We seek
                                            And with ears that cannot hear
                                            Do we set our attention
                                            Moreso with knowledge we rely
                                            Are we without knowledge

                                            Yet there it is before us
                                            Ever more
                                            Within a step

                                            Whereas within one of profit
                                            And within one of loss
                                            Is but a blink of an eye
                                            To the open eye of the soul

                                            As it is true
                                            That I cannot deny what I already know
                                            Without walking in the land of darkness
                                            Which to the eye reveals no difference
                                            To the land of light

                                            As it is true
                                            That from a time to a time
                                            In little spaces
                                            Do all men stand between
                                            Facing east and west
                                            North and south
                                            Feeling the intense moment of humility
                                            In their own stare
                                            Before turning their way

                                            As it is true
                                            It is a blink of an eye
                                            To choose thy daily portion

                                            Upon the land
                                            Where in darkness I find my home where it is
                                            And in light do I also find my home where it is
                                            And behold also do I find my wife and children
                                            And flocks and cattle and coin and possessions
                                            Upon the earth in both
                                            It is instead that I find them not AS they were
                                            Until I take another step
                                            And find them as they were

                                            Knowing always that they are always
                                            Yet different
                                            Do I then know it is I who have traveled
                                            Between light and dark
                                            Without knowing

                                            Knowing also that they who stand before me
                                            Without change in any way
                                            May also step away
                                            Into another world
                                            Far from where we stood
                                            Yet there still
                                            For change has occurred without perception of change

                                            Even so knowing of the perception
                                            Forto does thy heart require account

                                            That in the center of my mind
                                            Is that door unperceivable
                                            Like spiritual wind
                                            Knowing only the effect
                                            Of my now commanded reality
                                            Shown only to me
                                            Through spiritual change
                                            Claimed also in the heart

                                            Whereas never shall it reveal itself to the eye
                                            Until such time as one commands the door
                                            Rather than the vanity of commanding
                                            The worlds

                                            As in one place of powerlessness
                                            Is there no power to command
                                            So to in the other of ultimate power
                                            Is there no need to command

                                            That it is not either world is created
                                            As they are from ancient times
                                            But that it is we travel there
                                            Creating ourselves

                                            Nor is either place forbidden to man
                                            For it is the shunning of either
                                            Making requirement

                                            So now that when our brother comes to us
                                            And when the eye of our Spirit is open
                                            Do we see from which place he stands
                                            Knowing until such time
                                            We master our door
                                            Can we not direct them to theirs

                                            Somuchso that they who in darkness
                                            Do approach
                                            In order that we would enter in
                                            And they who in light
                                            Do approach
                                            Thereby do we flee

                                            It must be that we ourselves make no requirement
                                            Of this world or that
                                            Lest our perception again fail
                                            Taking also with it our brother

                                            And it is that it must be spoken

                                            I alone am the master of my gateway
                                            That I may pass from here to there
                                            Exploring what has always been long before me
                                            Building nothing in one without the other
                                            Though they are different in each
                                            Because of the creation of myself

                                            Ryan o0o

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"Walk Slowly" Painting/Image ©2014 Colleen Ranney

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True self-value is linked to purity, the gathering and distribution of High Light, the knowing of your essence, your tools and purpose, the fight to complete the task given to you by the High Gods and the Divine Creator and if you exist on the Earth plane you have also to be tuned to the planet and its natural laws. 
All human beings are able to contribute to Earth’s energy. All human beings have the potential to acquire more light, connect to Earth’s and astral energies, experience the divine self and study mastery.
All human beings have the basic tools which can help them to see themselves as part of the divine plan and creation and apply their individual 
qualities to support the divine plan.

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